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Do Schools Need Fire Tanks?

Major insurers have joined the lobby for sprinklers and fire tanks in schools. We applaud their commitment to public safety and their efforts to convince more local education authorities and autonomous schools that modern fire fighting equipment is a must. While life preservation is the crucial factor, it should not be overlooked that the average cost of a school fire is in the millions. In some cases, tens of millions.

As one of the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialists, we know only too well what can happen when not enough attention is paid to reducing risks in public buildings. Every year, up to 1,000 schools fall victim to fires. Yet, of all the properties developed for educational purposes over the past eight years, just 11 per cent have been fitted with sprinklers. Aside from the cost to the public purse of a fire, the disruption to children’s lives is considerable. They can lose irreplaceable coursework and even a sense of belonging – if they end up being crammed into portable classrooms for months while the fire damage is repaired.

Insurers point out that teachers suffer too, often being parted from notes they have amassed over an entire academic year or career. As a lobby calling for the government to make sprinklers and fire tanks mandatory in schools gathers momentum, we look at why now is the time for England to follow Scotland and get to grips with the gap in school fire safety.

Arson attacks and schools

There is a lot of evidence that points to schools posing a higher risk than some other property types for arson. While no recent major studies have been conducted into prevalence, we believe they are vulnerable simply because they are closed for long periods of time. Most schools are shut over weekends and for protracted breaks, including the six-week summer holiday. In Scotland this week, two youths were arrested on suspicion of arson following a fire at an East Renfrewshire primary school.

The blaze was reported on Sunday evening and was thankfully confined to just one room. Meanwhile, a nursery next to a school in Kent was damaged by fire earlier this month. The blaze is thought to have started in a store cupboard. In this case, arson is not suspected. The fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault.

However, a report into the cause of a huge fire that devastated the Glasgow School of Art was still not completed two years after the incident. Debris was still being removed from the gutted site. It was the second fire to devastate the building.

Because of their vulnerability, we believe all school buildings should have sprinklers and fire tanks. This is how a school fire can quickly get out of control.

Fire tanks and their use in schools

Fire tanks are a good idea for sprinkler systems in schools, largely because of campus layouts and sizes. The average comprehensive school, for example, has interconnecting buildings, most often on multiple levels. Any building on this type of scale requires adequate water to contain a fire as soon as it is detected. While sprinklers will automatically be triggered, relying on mains water is not recommended. We are proud to supply and maintain water storage solutions that are exclusively designed to serve sprinkler systems.

Insurers believe the threshold for current requirements are too low, focussing solely on life preservation. They want to see more done to protect material assets as well as provide more protection for firefighters called to tackle blazes in schools. They point out that arguments over the cost of installing sprinklers don’t stand up because, often, savings passed on by reduced insurance costs eventually pay for the investment.

One of the areas being examined is the size of ‘compartments’ in a building. Some believe, with greater use of sprinklers, the existing standard size could be increased – but only for those properties with sprinkler systems. We don’t want to comment on this suggestion because it is a matter for building control and the government to examine. What we can say is that there is plenty of evidence out there to support claims that fire tanks in schools provide the most robust protection, delivering water to the seat of a fire as soon as possible and keeping it contained in those vital early seconds and minutes.

Currently, class sizes are rising in the UK. This corresponds with an increase in overall school pupil numbers. The average secondary school has a total of more than 940 students. In September, Zurich Municipal suggested that up to two-thirds of England’s schools lack systems to properly manage fire risks. After conducting research, it stated that the area worst impacted is the south of England.

Our background in fire safety

Nationwide Water Solutions installs, maintains and inspects fire tanks across the UK. Based in Yorkshire, we deliver services to a wide range of sectors. Our customers include those in manufacturing and industry as well as the public realm. We usually meet our customers for the first time when they decide they want to install a sprinkler system and need a dedicated water supply, or have concerns about the integrity of their existing water tank.

Our services include free site surveys for those looking to invest in robust water storage, fabrication of bespoke sprinkler tanks, installation and refurbishment and relining. We also conduct independent inspections that ensure sprinkler systems remain operational throughout as well as conserve water. Our team achieves this with technology that is used under water to survey the surface and components of a tank.

The fire tank repair service includes fibreglass and epoxy coatings as well as EPDM linings. We can only undertake repairs to water storage systems that have been deemed by an independent expert to be suitable. In cases where remedial action is recommended, our solutions can extensive the lifespan of a tank by more than a decade.

For further information about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us by telephone on 0345 505 254.


Sprinklers in New Council Homes?

A public inquiry into the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy is under way. At the same time, councillors in Cornwall are facing calls to fit sprinklers in all new council homes. Councillors are set to discuss the motion at a meeting today (May 22). If the proposal wins support, it will cost the council £2 million.

Neil Burden, an independent councillor, has tabled the motion. It was seconded by John Keeling, a Conservative member of the authority. In some American states automatic sprinkler systems are required in all homes. The proposal in Cornwall could make the county a national leader in domestic fire safety.


The council homes recommendation

At today’s meeting, councillors will be asked to consider the following recommendation: “Cornwall Council resolves to install sprinklers in all domestic new builds it commissions for sale or let inclusive of those homes now being built, thereby supporting the wellbeing of those people who will take occupation in future months and years.”

Those supporting the motion say it will save lives and money. As well as reducing fire damage, sprinklers could save council resources and reduce the time emergency services spend dealing with serious fires.

The motion states: “In order to promote best practice in housing development, the Council should install sprinklers in all new builds. This will not only promote wellbeing and save lives but also save revenue for the Council, and the NHS when such fire instances occur. Officers of the Cornwall Fire Service are first hand witnesses of local fatalities in recent times and continue to advocate best practise of sprinklers in all new builds. When adopted such positive example will encourage other housing developers to also install sprinklers systems in Cornwall.”


The cost of fire safety

If sprinklers are installed in all new council homes featured in the authority’s development plan, it will have to find £2 million for the installation works. Initial reports suggest it will cost around £2,500 to install sprinklers in each home with an annual maintenance cost of £150 per property.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent provider of sprinkler tanks. It supplies and installs fire tanks and also delivers a wide range of maintenance and repair services. For further information visit the website or call 0345 5052540.

Raw Emotion as Cost of Failings Dominate Inquiry

The human cost of safety failings at Grenfell Tower has dominated the first week of an inquiry into the cause of the tragedy. Victims’ families have continued to give their testimonies and pay tribute to those who were lost in the blaze. Almost a year on from the devastating fire, emotions are still very raw.

Today (Friday), the inquiry heard stories that were so harrowing a woman attending a hearing collapsed. News veteran Jon Snow is reported to have caught her as she fell. Other people in the room were asked to leave so that the woman could receive medical attention and the space to recover.


Inquiry hears ‘we are left with nothing’


While news reports have long made claims about those believed to be responsible for the huge loss of life, the bereaved have put those allegations into perspective. Today, one of those speaking at the hearing is reported to have said: “We as a family are left with nothing, absolutely nothing. Grenfell Tower was on fire for more than 24 hours. We were literally watching our loved ones turn from alive, waving and begging from the window, to ashes.”

The person making that testimony, Assema, went on to make it clear she did not blame firefighters. However, she pointed out other public bodies had watched from a distance as people succumbed to choking smoke. She said: “The whole world had watched on TV a lady waving a white cloth from the 22nd floor. My brother and his family were found in the same flat.”

The inquiry continues.


About Nationwide Water Solutions


Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent supplier of fire tanks, used with sprinkler systems. It is ready to work with social housing providers and others to ensure adequate fire-fighting facilities are provided in all high-risk buildings. For further information visit the website.

eCommerce Stock: Know the Fire Risks

The boom in online shopping means more goods than ever before are being stored in warehouses. While eCommerce has helped to drive prices down by introducing more competition to marketplaces, it comes with risks. One of them is fire. That is why more warehouse facilities are being protected with sprinkler tanks.

Warehousing can contain huge quantities of plastic. This means fires need to be detected and supressed as quickly as possible. Automatic sprinkler systems with a dedicated water supply are the best option to prevent and reduces losses. That is why more and more warehouse owners are discovering the benefits of sprinkler tanks.

Here are five things you may not know about sprinkler tanks:


  1. Sprinkler tanks are on standby to deliver water to a fire 24/7. That means premises fitted with automatic sprinklers attached to a sprinkler tank are primed to work day and night.
  2. A ready supply of water means fires are tackled the moment they are detected.
  3. Sprinkler tanks provide added peace of mind to eCommerce stock owners and insurers, as well as warehouse owners.
  4. Group A plastics will require more water if a fire occurs.
  5. Sprinkler tanks can be built into the design of a new-build or retrofitted.


Literally millions of pounds worth of damage can be caused in just one warehouse fire. That is why it pays to consider fire safety before an incident, rather than as an afterthought.


eCommerce warehousing solutions


If you want to protect your UK warehouse facilities from fire, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. This British company is the nation’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks and associated services. As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services. It also carries out sprinkler tank inspections. Find out more by visiting the website here.



Take Your Sprinkler Plans to the Next Phase

Sprinkler plans weighing on your mind? If you represent an organisation that is considering the benefits of installing automatic sprinklers, talk to us. We are Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, and we are the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tank services. If sprinklers are totally new to you, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Sprinklers, and their benefits, are hardly out of the news these days. That is because the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy has encouraged an entire nation to re-think fire safety standards. Social housing and care providers are among those reviewing their safety measures. They are being urged to do everything they can to ensure lives are never again lost because of poor fire safety. The Government is also reviewing building control and fire safety in the wake of the devastating fire.


Sprinkler plans – the benefits


Fire chiefs in the UK support a national sprinkler week. This is because they know that automatic sprinklers have multiple benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Automatic sprinklers supress fires before they can spread
  • Sprinklers give people more time to evacuate a building, saving lives
  • Fire damage is limited in premises where sprinklers are fitted
  • The costs of a fire are reduced – not just to property owners but also to the public purse

Ready to move your sprinkler plans forward?


The importance of sprinkler tanks


Sprinkler tanks play a vital role in fire safety. They ensure water is ready to fight a fire whenever a sprinkler system detects one. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited carries out free site visits. It provides expert advice and supplies and installs sprinkler tanks. It works with sprinkler tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Done with talking about improving fire safety? Want to take action? Whether you want to install sprinklers in a new building or retrofit them in an existing property, talk to Nationwide Solutions Limited today. Visit our website for more information here. Alternatively, give us a call on 0345 5052540.

Fire Tanks Save Lives

Fire tanks save lives, property and other assets. Sprinkler tanks provide a ready supply of water to supress a fire. That is why they are an important feature of modern automatic sprinkler systems. At Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, we are committed to spreading the word about the vital benefits of fire tanks.

Every year in the UK, hundreds of millions of pounds worth of property and goods are destroyed by fire. Installing a sprinkler system significantly reduces losses. It gives people more time to evacuate a building. Hence, sprinkler tanks save lives.


Sprinklers in action

It’s easy to focus on negative news when it comes to fires. However, every day in the UK, sprinkler systems and fire tanks stop tragedies. Countless lives have been saved this year alone. All thanks to savvy investment in sprinkler systems.

Two arson attacks at the same Sainsbury’s store in Coventry were quickly kept under control by sprinklers last month. In March, a fire in the basement laundry room of an 11 floor Newcastle hotel was contained by sprinklers. And, as previously recorded in this blog, a chip pan fire at a London tower block was supressed in February.


Invest in fire tanks

If you want to protect your building, your people and your assets, invest in a sprinkler tank. A fire tank will not only be on standby to fight a fire 24 hour a day, seven days a week, it will give you peace of mind.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is based in Sheffield but operates throughout the UK. With free site visits and technical advice, this is the go-to company if you are thinking of investing in an automatic sprinkler system. Nationwide Water Solutions supplies, installs and maintains fire tanks.

Already invested in a sprinkler tank? Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions about its repair, maintenance and inspection service. For more information, visit the website. Alternatively, call 0345 5052540.

5 Surprising Facts About Fire Tanks

Fire tanks, commonly known in the UK as sprinkler tanks, play a vital role in the protection of property and lives. But, in the current rush to discuss the benefits of automatic sprinkler systems, they are often overlooked. In fact, sprinkler tanks guarantee the supply of water to sprinkler heads in the event of an emergency.

With a fire stank on standby, a fire can be out before the emergency services arrive. Water supresses the blaze before it can take hold and spread. Thousands of lives are saved every year and losses reduced as a result of sprinkler tanks. Here are five facts about fire tanks that you may not know:

1. Not all fire tanks are the same

Sprinkler tanks come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be made from different materials. The exact specifications of each tank should be designed to meet the demands of its intended environment. Options offered by Nationwide Water Solutions Limited include galvanised steel tanks with internal linings and fully sealed sectional tanks.

2. Sprinkler tanks require maintenance

That’s right. Fire tanks should be inspected at least annually to ensure they are primed to supply water to sprinkler heads when required.

3. Fire tanks do not have to be drained for an inspection

Modern inspection techniques include the use of underwater camera equipment. This means your sprinkler system is still on standby to fight a fire during the inspection process.

4. Sprinkler tanks can be repaired

With a range of lining and coating options, most tanks displaying signs of minor wear and tear and leaks can be repaired. An inspection will highlight if your tank if suitable for repair work.

5. Fire tank linings can be replaced

Nationwide Water Solutions helps businesses and public bodies extend the life of sprinkler tanks with lining systems that are guaranteed for years.

Want to know more about sprinkler tanks and how they can boost your firefighting capacity and provide robust loss reduction? Talk to Nationwide Solutions Limited.

Sky’s The Limit For Fire Safety

Did you know that rooftops are an excellent place to locate sprinkler tanks serving high-rise buildings? In fact, across the Pond, in New York, many of the city’s apartment blocks have them. Out of sight but always on standby, they are the unseen fire safety essential that serves sprinkler systems.

Water tanks have been constructed on rooftops for almost 100 years. They were first installed in commercial buildings in the US following devastating fires. Scores of people perished in garment factories alone. This prompted authorities to introduce regulations. New fire safety rules covered high-rise buildings used for residential as well as business purposes.


Fascinating history of rooftop fire tanks


While initial regulations required the ready supply of water, it quickly became apparent that rooftop tanks were needed. This was because water pressure is often very poor after the fifth storey. While sprinkler systems are not always a feature of high-rise buildings in the UK, they have been an essential part of fire prevention in New York for more than half a century.

Harris Rosenwach first came up with the idea of building a water tank on a roof. Today, his great-great grandson, Henry, is vice-president of Rosenwach Tank Co, headquartered in Long Island.

In the UK most fire tanks are made of sheet metal and constructed on-site, although they will have been prefabricated elsewhere. Built to individual specifications, fire tanks are rarely the same.


How do rooftop sprinkler tanks work?


Think gravity. It is as simple as that. Add electricity and you’ve got the two basic forces that deliver life-saving water to sprinkler heads. Sensors in the tank ensure water levels remain constant. Extra water is delivered when sensors detect a drop. Sometimes a floating balloon is used instead – like the ones you find in toilet cisterns.

With proper maintenance, a steel fire tank can last decades. In the UK, there is no need to empty a tank and clean it before an inspection. Underwater camera equipment is used to survey the tank’s walls and potential weak spots. Companies that fail to have their tanks inspected annually in the US can be fined up to $2,000.


UK sprinkler tanks and fire safety


If you want to find out more about how a sprinkler tank can support your fire safety plan, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions. To book a fire tank inspection, click here.


How Long Does A Sprinkler Tank Last?

If you have invested in a sprinkler system with a fire tank, you should already know that sprinkler tanks require maintenance. If you are one of the many organisations installing sprinkler systems as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, you may be asking: how long does a sprinkler tank last?

At Nationwide Solutions we design, install and maintain sprinkler tanks. Stainless steel sprinkler tanks are generally designed to last for 15 years. Some last for much longer and some, poorly maintained tanks may need replacing after just a few years. Our sprinkler tanks are built to last. However, we have seen reports of other tanks leaking within two years of installation. We also install  glass coated steel tanks, galvanised steel, epoxy coated steel and concrete tanks.


Why do some sprinkler tanks leak?


Poor maintenance is the biggest cause of leaks in stainless steel sprinkler tanks. Age and wear and tear are other reasons. We regularly see leaks in stainless steel tanks that have been caused by corrosion, particularly in rivets and screws. You can avoid the inconvenience of costly repair work and the loss of water by ensuring your sprinkler tank is inspected annually.

There is no need to drain a fire tank for an inspection. Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited about digital underwater inspections.


Not all sprinkler tanks are the same


Before having a stainless steel sprinkler tank installed, consider the grade of stainless steel you require. Grades are denoted by numbers. Talk to your supplier about the grade you require and how it should be maintained. Because sprinkler tanks play a crucial role in fire safety, you should ensure that you have weekly, monthly and annual maintenance checks in place.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. It provides a comprehensive service to ensure fire tanks are in premium condition and primed to deliver life-saving water in any emergency.

For further information, click here.



The Best Water Tanks For Sprinkler Systems

The best water tanks for sprinkler systems are ones designed for your specific needs, according to industry experts. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, one of the UK’s leading independent suppliers and installers of fire tanks, says its order books comprise requests for the full range of sprinkler tanks.

A spokesman said: “Because we are experienced installers, we are trusted by our customers to recommend the best water tanks for their sprinkler systems. We supply and install all types of fire tanks, from one-piece GRP water tanks to the very largest, sectional sprinkler tanks. Of course, they come in a range of materials – from stainless steel to concrete.”


Buy the best water tanks for sprinkler systems


The company supplies and installs water tanks for the full range of sprinkler systems. Nationwide Water Solutions also offers a comprehensive range of maintenance and repair services. It provides a trusted ROV underwater inspection service, which insurers like because there is no need to drain a sprinkler tank during the process.

The spokesman said: “The cornerstone of our work is quality. All our installation team members are fully trained. Delivering a professional, competent service is critical where fire safety is concerned.”


Fire tanks for all sectors


As well as supplying water tanks for sprinkler systems in public buildings, Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs fire tanks in high-rise buildings, warehousing, factories, health care facilities, educational establishments and commercial premises. Its industrial projects have included work at numerous factories throughout the country.

With fire safety a priority for many public and private sector organisations in 2018, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is ready to answer any questions about water tanks. It provides free on-site surveys. For further information contact Nationwide Water Solutions here.

Alternatively, if you would like to speak to a member of the technical team, call 0345 5052540 or email info@watertankrefurbishment.com