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96% of Council Tower Blocks in London Don’t Have Sprinklers

Over the past year, you may have noticed us recording sprinkler projects in high-rise tower blocks. As a sprinkler tank specialist, we like to stay up to date with projects. Up and down the country, it seems, landlords are doing their bit to improve fire safety following the Grenfell tragedy. So you may be surprised to learn that just 4 per cent of council-owned tower blocks in London have the life-saving equipment.

According to research, undertaken by Labour and shared with the BBC, only 32 of the capital city’s 837 council-owned buildings above 30 metres have sprinklers. Croydon Central MP Sarah Jones is now calling on the government to set up a “fire safety fund” to help councils. You may recall reading stories on this blog where government cash towards sprinkler schemes was refused.


Necessary steps ‘taken’ for tower blocks

While Housing Minister Kit Malthouse claims the government has done what is required when it comes to fire safety in high rise buildings, many don’t agree – including councils. Some have pledged to spend in excess of £10m to ensure their tower block tenants get the protection they need.

A coroner recommended councils should consider retrofit sprinklers in existing high-rise residential buildings back in 2009 – before the fire at Grenfell Tower. The government is likely to be reminded of that when the fund is mooted.


Sprinklers and a sprinkler tank for robust fire safety

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s foremost sprinkler tank expert, says it is surprised so many tower blocks in London are still without sprinkler systems. A spokesman said: “We are here, ready to assist councils when they consider the importance of water storage for sprinklers. For any council considering retro-fitting sprinkler systems, we offer completely free site surveys.”

If you represent a council keen to invest in fire safety, contact Nationwide Water Solutions. Find out more by visiting the company’s website.


Shopping Centre Saved by Automatic Sprinklers

A fire in a shopping centre has been contained – thanks to automatic sprinklers. The incident, in Kingston, London, happened as a result of an electrical fault. London Fire Brigade said the automatic sprinkler system stopped the fire from spreading and reduced damage.

Firefighters received 999 calls to the Bentall Centre at 11.11pm on May 31. It is reported that security guards were alerted when they heard smoke detectors go off. Had the building not benefited from automatic sprinklers, the fire could have easily spread and caused tens of thousands of pounds worth of damage.


Fire brigade praises automatic sprinklers

Fire crews from Kingston and nearby Surbiton stations attended the incident. It was reported to be under control by 1am on June 1.

Speaking to the local press, a London Fire Brigade spokesman said: “This fire highlights the clear benefits of sprinklers to businesses and we would urge all companies and business owners to install them. It is a common misconception that in the event of a fire all sprinklers go off. In this case, only one sprinkler activated to control the fire spread and limit fire damage.”


Shopping centre unit had sprinklers

The shop affected by the blaze was fitted with automatic sprinklers. As pointed out by the fire brigade, just one sprinkler head was activated. It helped contain the blaze and stopped it from spreading to the wider shopping centre.

If you own retail premises, are you considering installing an automatic sprinkler system? Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies and installs associated sprinkler tanks. They store water for the sole purpose of fighting fires. On standby 24/7, they deliver water to the point of the fire whenever a blaze is detected.

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