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Fire Risks and Flats Above Shops

Flats above shops should have robust fire fighting equipment. That is because commercial premises often store goods and packaging that present a fire spread risk. If a fire breaks out in a shop, it can quickly spread to accommodation on upper floors. Think about cardboard, flammable materials and other common risks.

Earlier today 80 firefighters tackled a blaze in a shop and flats in London.Twelve fire engines were sent to the scene shortly after 6.10am. It is not known where or how the fire started but thick smoke and work being undertaken by emergency services meant the closure of roads and the evacuation of the immediate area.


Fire safety for flats above shops

If you are a landlord renting out flats above shops, consider installing a sprinkler system. Automatic sprinklers will protect your investment and look after your tenants. If your premises is on multiple levels or especially large, get a sprinkler tank too.

A sprinkler tank provides a water supply to automatic sprinkler system day or night. It ensures water is always available – helping to contain a fire from the start and reducing the risks of major damage and / or injury.


Sprinkler tanks for mixed use buildings

Nationwide Water Solutions is an expert when it comes to installing and maintaining sprinkler tanks in mixed use buildings. This includes commercial premises with dwelling either attached or above. A spokesman said: “Fires that start in commercial properties can easily spread to dwellings – particularly if the accommodation is just above or either side. It makes sense to invest properly in fire safety – for your benefit and for others.”

If you want to find out more about sprinkler tanks, why not book a free site inspection? Alternatively, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.



Fire Safety in Mixed Use Buildings

West Yorkshire Fire Service has revealed a fire that started in a takeaway caused potentially dangerous smoke to seep into nearby accommodation. The takeaway is located on the ground floor of a mixed use building that has apartments above.

Three fire engines, sent from from Leeds and Hunslet stations, attended the scene. An aerial appliance also attended following reports of a fire at 7.35am today. Although the fire was quickly put out, it highlights the dangers of mixed use buildings.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: “There are reports that one person has suffered smoke inhalation as a result of the fire and an ambulance was requested. A Fire Investigation Officer is on the scene and is looking into the cause.”


Risks of mixed use buildings highlighted

Nationwide Water Solutions is one of the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialists. It says, commercial premises in mixed use buildings need to review risk assessments for fire regularly.

A spokesman said: “Dwellings that are located in the same building as commercial concerns can be at greater risk of fire. This means that building owners need to be aware of the increased risks.

“Buildings used for more than one use should benefit from automatic sprinkler systems. The onus should be on building owners to ensure the necessary fire-fighting equipment is installed.”


Sprinkler tank specialists

Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs sprinkler tanks. The water storage tanks ensure water is reserved to fight fire around the clock. They are especially beneficial in commercial premises that are left unattended, large buildings and multi-occupancy buildings.

As well as installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions also maintains an repairs existing ones. It offers an independent under water inspection service. Sprinkler tanks should be inspected at least once in a 12 month period.

For further information about Nationwide Water Solutions, visit the website. Use the contact form to get in touch and request a free site visit.

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