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Sprinkler Tank Business Comments On School Evacuation

A school in Bury was evacuated this morning after a fire broke out in a classroom. Sprinkler tank business Nationwide Water Solutions says firefighters have revealed the blaze most likely started in an electrical unit. It is not known if buildings at Tottington High School are fitted with sprinklers.

Nationwide Water Solutions is supporting efforts to encourage all schools to invest in automatic sprinkler systems. It says educational facilities, which can be vacant for long periods of time at weekends and during school holidays, are at a heightened risk of fire. Efforts to modernise post-war school buildings are on-going but many don’t include sprinklers.


Public buildings: need for a sprinkler tank business

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “We understand that three fire appliances attended the school this morning. The indications are that this is not a serious incident. However, any fire in a school should be a cause for concern. Because you can’t prevent every fire, it makes sense to invest in equipment that will stop one from spreading. Talking to a good sprinkler tank business will help you identify water storage needs for an individual site.”

On average, there are three fires every day in UK schools. Of those, around 75 per cent are deliberately started. The cost of school fires is steadily rising. The average response time to a fire in England and Wales last year was 8 minutes 45 seconds, according to official Government statistics.

The spokesman added: “Having water ready to fight a fire the moment it is detected is important if it is to be contained. The evacuation this morning was absolutely right. However, in the case of serious fires, the evacuation of large numbers of people can be hindered by lack of effective fire-fighting equipment.”


Sprinkler tank services for businesses and public bodies

Nationwide Water Solutions delivers a wide range of sprinkler tank services, including refurbishment and repair of existing storage tanks. It also inspects tanks across the country using high-spec ROV equipment. Its installation service covers a wide range of tanks, of all shapes and sizes.

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School on Fire in North Shields

Breaking news…Firefighters are currently tackling a fire at St Thomas More Roman Catholic Academy in North Shields. The blaze was reported in the early hours of today (Tuesday). At the scene, more than 20 firefighters are attempting to put the fire out.

Five fire engines are currently at the school. The blaze is said to have been reported at around 2am. No injuries have been reported.


School now closed

The headmaster, named in the local press as ‘Mr Watson’, initially said the school would be open as normal today – even though firefighters are still on the scene.

Mr Watson released a statement to the local press that said: “Early this morning there was an isolated fire in part of the school building. As the building was empty nobody was at risk and early indications are that it started accidentally.

“As the fire occurred in part of the building that we can seal off, school will be open as normal.”

However, he has just released a second statement: “…the fire alarm system and telephone line in most of the wider school has unfortunately been compromised. This was only discovered when a fire alarm engineer came on site. We therefore have no alternative but to close the school for all students today, Tuesday 10th July.

“As soon as we have anymore information we will let you know. Any students who are already in school have been informed and those that can, will make their own way home. I am sure you understand that we need to put the safety of students and staff first.

“If this is a problem for any of the students we will keep them in school until other arrangements can be made.”

“I sincerely apologise for this very late notice but hope that you understand how fluid the current situation is.”


‘Smoke and flames’

Eyewitnesses have described ‘a lot of smoke and flames’ coming from the building. However, as indicated in the statement, the blaze is limited to an isolated part of the school site.

It is not yet known if the school was fitted with automatic sprinklers. Further updates on this breaking news story is available from the local press in North Shields.


Nationwide Water Solutions Limited

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited supplies school, universities and a large number of other types of buildings with sprinkler tanks. It installs, maintains and inspects fire tanks across the UK. For free site visits, no obligation advice and costings, contact Nationwide Water Solutions.

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