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Top Reasons To Refurbish A Sprinkler Tank

Want to refurbish a sprinkler tank? Not sure of the benefits? If your tank has been assessed as suitable by an independent inspector, you could save thousands. In this blog post, we speak to Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s fire tank repair and refurbishment specialist, and ask: why is it worth refurbishing a sprinkler tank?

“Not every building owner knows that sprinkler tanks can be refurbished,” said a spokesman. “Yet, it is the single most cost-effective way to extend the life of a water storage system for automatic sprinklers. We offer free advice to anyone considering the merits of repair work.”


Refurbish a sprinkler tank and save time and money

As well as being cost-effective, repairing a corroded or leaking sprinkler tank is a time-saving move. Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Dismantling an existing tank and replacing it is time-consuming and often expensive. If you have a storage tank that can be repaired, your sprinkler system will only be impacted for a matter of days. This is really important if your fire safety system relies on sprinklers to look after a vulnerable building or one that stores high-value goods.

“We work on a wide range of sprinkler tanks. Our full repair and refurbishment services can be viewed here. We recommend anybody thinking of having an old tank repaired gets expert advice. Be aware that putting off a decision can mean you leave it too late.”


Extending the life of a sprinkler tank

Experts who refurbish a sprinkler tank will ensure that your water storage facilities are fit to last for many more years. As well as repairing any leaks, which can prove expensive through water loss, a good repair job will ensure valves, the access area and any weak spots in the structure are sorted.

Want to learn more? For detailed information about sprinkler tank refurbishment and the processes involved, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Tower Block Tenants Turn Down Offer of Automatic Sprinklers

Incredible as it may sound, following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, some tower block residents are refusing the offer of free sprinklers. At the biggest high-rise block in South Tyneside, one tenant refused a sprinkler system and similar opposition has occurred elsewhere in the North East.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s best-known sprinkler tank specialist, said: “This is madness. Who would want to turn down something that could save their life? The instances in the North East show that myths about sprinkler systems are preventing vulnerable buildings from getting the protection they deserve. A lot of the concerns centre around water damage in the event of a fire. What would you rather have – wet goods, no home, or possibly no life?”

How to persuade tower block residents to accept sprinklers

In the North East, council leaders are taking a cautious approach to promoting sprinkler systems. A council spokesperson has been quoted as saying the local authority did not want to ‘come down heavy’ on tenants. Instead, he said, it was ‘trying to encourage them’. While officials have pointed out to residents that sprinklers provide an extra layer of safety, some aren’t convinced.

Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Let’s be crystal clear: automatic sprinkler systems save lives. They help contain a blaze and stop it from spreading, giving people just like those who don’t want sprinklers more time to evacuate a building. In a tower block, they are essential.”

Advanced water storage for automatic sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions installs bespoke sprinkler tanks across the UK. Its robust water storage ensures fires can be tackled in any building, on any level and at any time. In addition to installing fire tanks, the company also undertakes sprinkler tank repairs and re-lining. Independent tank inspections are carried out using ROV equipment to save water and ensure the integrity of sprinklers.

Sprinkler Tank Expert Comments on Paris Fire

Here is some important information about the benefits of a sprinkler tank. If you own a residential or business property in a built-up area, invest in automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. The tragic news that ten people, including a baby, have died following a major fire in Paris highlights how quickly a fire can spread in large buildings. The fire took hold of an eight-storey property in France’s capital city, prompting a national outpouring of grief.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s sprinkler tank expert, says the fact that the blaze may have been started deliberately should be a cause for concern. Arson is common in commercial ad public buildings, along with vehicles. When directed at a residential address, as in this case, the results are all too often catastrophic. If you haven’t already invested in sprinklers, now is a good time to do so. At the same time, find out more about the effectiveness of a sprinkler tank.


Paris fire: nation wakes up to a tragedy

As well as the tragic loss of life, more than thirty people have been injured in the fire. It is reported that several of them include firefighters. The scene of the fire is close to the Parc des Princes football stadium. In a residential area, it necessitated the evacuation of fifty people by ladder. Other people climbed onto rooftops to escape flames and smoke.

Sprinkler tank expert Nationwide Water Solutions says: “ This fire started on the second floor of a block of flats. Any building that is over more than one level should have a sprinkler tank. This ensures the pressure is there to get water in the right quantity to the point of the blaze. In this case, smoke had already reached the top floor of the building by the time someone raised the alarm. Automatic sprinklers, when installed, get to work straight-away.”


Book your free sprinkler tank expert site survey

Want to improve fire safety in your building? Book a free site survey with Nationwide Water Solutions. The company covers the whole of the UK and installs sprinkler tanks. It also maintains and repairs tanks. For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions online.






Interest in Sprinkler Tanks ‘Rising’ Says Expert

The UK’s leading expert on sprinkler tanks says interest in water storage equipment is rising. Nationwide Water Solutions has seen a spike in requests for free site surveys. It says, the rise coincides with ongoing inquiries into the Grenfell tragedy.

Nationwide Water Solutions installs and removes sprinkler tanks for a wide range of public, private, industrial and commercial clients. It also delivers a wide range of repair, maintenance and inspection services. It offers free sites visits and in-depth advice to those considering the benefits of investing in advanced fire safety equipment.


Sprinkler tanks in demand

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Landlords and businesses, in particular, are recognising the importance of effective fire safety measures. More and more want to benefit from sprinkler tanks, which store water solely for the use of sprinkler systems. Having water set aside to fight a fire offers peace of mind and mitigates problems such as low water pressure.

“We are always happy to discuss the merits of sprinkler tanks, when used in conjunction with modern fire-fighting equipment. One of the best ways to learn more about your needs is to book a free site survey. We carry out this service for free across the UK.”


Nationwide Water Solutions

Based in Yorkshire, Nationwide Water Solutions supplies and installs sprinkler tanks capable of storing from 20,000 litres of water up to 2 million litres. It repairs tanks showing signs of corrosion or wear and also offers a guaranteed refurbishment service.

Existing sprinkler tanks can be inspected with Nationwide Water Solutions’ state-of-the-art equipment. It uses remote controlled vehicles to take camera equipment and ultrasound underwater. This gives a 360 degree view of a tank’s condition, without having to drain it or compromise a sprinkler system.

Book your free site visit by contacting Nationwide Water Solutions here.

Water Supply Fears Over Sprinklers in Surrey Tower Block

Residents in a 17-storey tower block in Surrey are concerned water supply problems have impacted their automatic sprinklers. Sprinkler systems were allegedly out of order last month following water supply issues. The borough council says it kept residents living in Surrey Towers informed about the water issues.

According to reports, up to 100 flats in the tower block were left without running water for two days. Residents have blamed “defective pumps” and say it interrupted the sprinkler service. It is claimed that bottles of water were left on doorsteps by the council while workmen installed a tap outside the block of flats to provide residents with drinking water.


Situation clarified over sprinklers

Although residents have expressed concerns that the sprinklers may have been out of order, the council did not rush to back up their claims. A technical manager for the firm that retrofitted sprinklers in the block said they would have been affected. The council has now said low water pressure was likely to have impacted the sprinklers.

Residents are urging the council to notify them if the sprinklers are not working in the future.


Sprinkler tank expert comments

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert. It says there are two ways to get water to sprinklers – direct from the mains supply with a booster pump or from a sprinkler tank with a pump. A sprinkler tank stores water solely to fight fires. A spokesman said: “We don’t know which method is being used in this tower block, but we always recommend a sprinkler tank for very large buildings like this.

“As well as ensuring water is always available to fight a fire, a sprinkler tank provides peace of mind – something high-rise tower block residents need. Sprinkler tanks and associated equipment should be independently checked at least annually to stop problems from occurring.”

For further information about Nationwide Water Solutions, visit the website.


Insurers Tell Businesses to Invest in Sprinkler Systems

After a number of disastrous fires in commercial and industrial premises, insurers have urged businesses to invest in sprinkler systems. Some recent high profile fires would never have spread if better fire safety equipment had been installed. That is what a fire expert at insurer FM Global has said.

The specialist insurance firm provides cover for commercial properties. Its senior consultant for international codes and standards, Tom Roche, spoke after a major fire at a Dartford warehouse. He said: “Not for the first time this year are we seeing the major damage that fire can cause to a commercial or industrial facility. Once again, this damage is very severe and brings to the fore the need for effective automatic sprinkler systems in such premises.”

Mr Roche said businesses should consider doing more than the bare minimum to comply with fire regulations. He pointed out: “For those businesses who believe that by following regulations they will be safe, it is important to understand that the UK ranks well behind many European countries.”


Invest in a sprinkler tank with sprinkler systems

Nationwide Water Solutions has noted the increase in fires at commercial and industrial properties without sprinklers. The company supplies sprinkler tanks which store water specifically to fight a fire. They are recommended for business premises, which can be left unoccupied overnight and at weekends – meaning undetected fires can be left to spread.

A spokesman said: “It makes no sense to hold back from investing in a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank. Time and time again, businesses go under because they have suffered a major fire. A sprinkler tank is the best way to ensure you’ve got enough water on standby to suppress a blaze before it can spread.”


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions works with a diverse range of clients from across the UK. If offers free site inspections and provides maintenance and repairs services for those with existing sprinkler tanks. Its independent inspection service is recommended by insurers because it uses underwater technology to mitigate the need for a sprinkler tank to be drained.

For further information visit the website.




Ready Supply of Water Crucial to Fire Safety

Everyone knows water can stop a fire from spreading and be used to put it out. But what if there is no water supply to tackle a fire? You may think this is an unlikely event, but it is more common than you think. Fire engines can run out of water, particularly if there is no hydrant in the vicinity of a blaze. That is why a ready supply of water is crucial to fire safety.

Are you responsible for fire safety in warehousing, a large retail area, tower block, care home, school or hospital? Have you considered the availability of water – in large quantities – in the event of a fire?

Sprinkler tanks save lives

While much has been written about the effectiveness of sprinklers, particularly in suppressing fires, following the Grenfell Tower tragedy little has been said about sprinkler tanks. These often-unseen water reservoirs ensure sprinklers are primed and ready to work whenever they are needed. They save lives and they significantly reduce loss.

If you are planning a loss prevention strategy, include a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank. Instant water is vital to control a blaze and stop it from spreading.

Supply of water: true stories

In the US earlier this year, a 63-year-old man died after firefighters tackling a blaze ran out of water. The crew had no water for more than a minute while they waited for a second crew to arrive at the scene of a blaze.  It had taken the first crew less than six minutes to use all the water it had.

There were multiple casualties in Japan in 1995 when firefighters, who turned up to tackle a major blaze, found hydrants wouldn’t work.

Invest in a sprinkler tank

If you are planning to install a sprinkler system, invest in a sprinkler tank for complete peace of mind. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent supplier and installer of sprinkler tanks. Find out more here.

How Long Does A Sprinkler Tank Last?

If you have invested in a sprinkler system with a fire tank, you should already know that sprinkler tanks require maintenance. If you are one of the many organisations installing sprinkler systems as a result of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, you may be asking: how long does a sprinkler tank last?

At Nationwide Solutions we design, install and maintain sprinkler tanks. Stainless steel sprinkler tanks are generally designed to last for 15 years. Some last for much longer and some, poorly maintained tanks may need replacing after just a few years. Our sprinkler tanks are built to last. However, we have seen reports of other tanks leaking within two years of installation. We also install  glass coated steel tanks, galvanised steel, epoxy coated steel and concrete tanks.


Why do some sprinkler tanks leak?


Poor maintenance is the biggest cause of leaks in stainless steel sprinkler tanks. Age and wear and tear are other reasons. We regularly see leaks in stainless steel tanks that have been caused by corrosion, particularly in rivets and screws. You can avoid the inconvenience of costly repair work and the loss of water by ensuring your sprinkler tank is inspected annually.

There is no need to drain a fire tank for an inspection. Talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited about digital underwater inspections.


Not all sprinkler tanks are the same


Before having a stainless steel sprinkler tank installed, consider the grade of stainless steel you require. Grades are denoted by numbers. Talk to your supplier about the grade you require and how it should be maintained. Because sprinkler tanks play a crucial role in fire safety, you should ensure that you have weekly, monthly and annual maintenance checks in place.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks. It provides a comprehensive service to ensure fire tanks are in premium condition and primed to deliver life-saving water in any emergency.

For further information, click here.



Call For Sprinklers In Council Homes

Pressure is being put on UK housing providers to follow legislation in some US states and install sprinkler systems in houses. The latest call comes from a mother whose disabled daughter died in a fire in Cambridge. She is calling on all councils to install sprinklers in their homes.

Theresa Freeman died after a fire at her council bungalow in Cherry Hinton last December. Now her mum, Janice Tyrrell, wants fire safety laws to change. Speaking to ITV, she said: “I feel strongly – everyone, elderly, bedridden… if they can’t get out they should have a sprinkler. It should be law. It really should.”

Sprinklers may have saved trapped woman

Theresa died after fire engulfed her bedroom. Theresa’s disabilities meant she was trapped. Neighbours were unable to reach her.

She was taken to hospital after 999 workers gained access to the burning property. Unfortunately, Theresa suffered 65 per cent burns and later died. Her mum said the bungalow was fitted with smoke alarms. However, she believes there should have been sprinklers.

A spokesperson for Cambridge City Council told ITV it is looking into what they should do as a result of the tragedy.

They said: We are deeply sorry about what happened and have passed our condolences on and say we’re very sorry again for what has happened and we hope that us learning from that and trying to protect other tenants will bring some comfort.”

‘Change the law’ call

Janice wants the law changed to offer greater fire safety protection to those who are vulnerable or housebound.

She said: It should be law. Everybody, elderly, bedridden, if they can’t get out they should have sprinklers.”

Sprinkler tanks UK

Are you a housing provider considering the benefits of installing a sprinkler system? Find out about sprinkler tanks from the UK’s leading independent supplier, Nationwide Water Solutions. It offers installation, maintenance and repair services.


Grenfell Tower Fire – Update

The fallout from the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy continues. It has been revealed that a second funeral has been held for one of the victims – after bone fragment was found. DNA testing has revealed it belonged to a 57-year-old victim. He died after jumping from the burning building. The bone fragment was found after police sent his clothes to be cleaned.

Discovered in a tumble dryer just a few weeks ago, the revelation came as a shock to the man’s family. His widow told Channel 4 News she found the second burial more distressing than the first.

Police apologise to Grenfell widow

The Metropolitan Police has apologised to the family for the “distress that this has caused”. A spokesman said Grenfell was “one of the most complex investigations” ever undertaken by the force.

Scotland Yard has said: “Mr Neda’s clothing was sent to an external company for professional cleaning of each item prior to their return to his family.

“Each person’s items are cleaned within an isolated environment so no cross-contamination can occur. It was during this process that a small fragment of bone was discovered.”

Safety reviews continue

Local authorities, social housing providers and businesses are continuing to review fire safety measures following failings at Grenfell Tower. While external plastic cladding is being removed from many high-rise buildings, additional fire suppressant measures are being considered.

Sprinkler systems are likely to be installed in many high-rise apartment blocks.

Sprinkler tank update

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited remains available to discuss sprinkler tank installation and maintenance. Its team of engineers is working with a wide range of organisations who are keen to implement fire safety improvements following the devastating impact of the fire at Grenfell Tower.

If you are considering the benefits of installing a sprinkler tank or want to ensure your existing tank is compliant and fit for purpose, contact Nationwide Water Solutions.