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Sprinkler Tank Business Comments On School Evacuation

A school in Bury was evacuated this morning after a fire broke out in a classroom. Sprinkler tank business Nationwide Water Solutions says firefighters have revealed the blaze most likely started in an electrical unit. It is not known if buildings at Tottington High School are fitted with sprinklers.

Nationwide Water Solutions is supporting efforts to encourage all schools to invest in automatic sprinkler systems. It says educational facilities, which can be vacant for long periods of time at weekends and during school holidays, are at a heightened risk of fire. Efforts to modernise post-war school buildings are on-going but many don’t include sprinklers.


Public buildings: need for a sprinkler tank business

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “We understand that three fire appliances attended the school this morning. The indications are that this is not a serious incident. However, any fire in a school should be a cause for concern. Because you can’t prevent every fire, it makes sense to invest in equipment that will stop one from spreading. Talking to a good sprinkler tank business will help you identify water storage needs for an individual site.”

On average, there are three fires every day in UK schools. Of those, around 75 per cent are deliberately started. The cost of school fires is steadily rising. The average response time to a fire in England and Wales last year was 8 minutes 45 seconds, according to official Government statistics.

The spokesman added: “Having water ready to fight a fire the moment it is detected is important if it is to be contained. The evacuation this morning was absolutely right. However, in the case of serious fires, the evacuation of large numbers of people can be hindered by lack of effective fire-fighting equipment.”


Sprinkler tank services for businesses and public bodies

Nationwide Water Solutions delivers a wide range of sprinkler tank services, including refurbishment and repair of existing storage tanks. It also inspects tanks across the country using high-spec ROV equipment. Its installation service covers a wide range of tanks, of all shapes and sizes.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.


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Sprinkler Tank Business Supports Independent Inspections

Are you are looking for a sprinkler tank business that carries out independent tank inspections? You are in the right place. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading supplier of insurance compliant checks. It thoroughly examines sprinkler tanks without the need for draining. Its ROV method gives you the clearest picture of the health of your tank -without compromising the operation of your sprinkler system.

Inspection services are in the spotlight. More businesses and public sector bodies are suspected of neglecting the need to maintain water storage facilities for sprinkler systems. Considered dangerous, as well as a false economy, such an oversight can cost lives.


The sprinkler tank business for your next inspection

The guidelines for how often a sprinkler tank should be inspected vary. One sprinkler tank business may say every ten years. Another, including Nationwide Water Solutions, will suggest annually. Corrosion of carbon steel, for example, can occur quickly when the humidity of the air reaches 70 per cent and and the air above exceeds 32F. Air impurities can also accelerate corrosion, making more regular checks a savvy investment.

If corrosion is left undetected, a sprinkler tank could fail. As well as rendering a sprinkler system useless, it could lead to significant water leakage and necessitate the removal and replacement of the existing tank. Monitoring any potential problems and authorising remedial works is safer and more cost-effective.


Book an independent sprinkler tank inspection

If your sprinkler tank has not been inspected for a year or more, contact Nationwide Water Solutions. It inspects sprinkler tanks across the UK. Importantly, it uses underwater thermal imaging equipment and ultrasound to cover every inch of the structure. Check also include other components, such as access routes, lids and valves, to name a few.

Don’t leave the integrity of your sprinkler system to chance. Talk to the sprinkler tank business that can help you ensure your system is always ready to work in an emergency.