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Maintaining A Sprinkler Tank For Tower Block Safety

As phase two of the Grenfell Inquiry is delayed until next year, the focus is turning to tower blocks with existing sprinkler systems. In particular, maintaining a sprinkler tank in tip-top condition. The issue is a pressing one for housing providers. Ignoring potential problems can lead to fire safety failures that could be catastrophic.

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s market leader in sprinkler tank maintenance and repairs. It says: “The onus on landlords to ensure their buildings are safe have never been more pronounced. Great care must be taken to ensure buildings not only have modern fire-fighting equipment but that it is fit for purpose. A failure to look after tenants’ safety could end in tragedy.”


Maintaining a sprinkler tank improves fire safety

While a sprinkler tank may look perfectly all right when viewed externally, it is often internally that the problems start. Nationwide Water Solutions recommend ROV tank inspections because they can detect early signs of corrosion and other potentially serious issues without the need to empty the tank of water. This means a sprinkler system is fully operational throughout the inspection period, saving time and preserving water. Regular checks can offer peace of mind or alert a building owner to a potential problem. A detailed report should set out the problem and include photographic evidence and offer solutions.

Maintaining a sprinkler tank is cost-effective. Even if a tank is deemed in need of a new lining, remedial work is much less expensive that decommissioning and installing a new one. Over the past year, businesses have recognised the cost benefits. Industry, in particular, has paid careful attention to the condition of sprinkler tanks. Now it is the turn of housing providers.


Ensure your sprinkler tank is correctly maintained

You can book an ROV sprinkler tank inspection using the telephone number at the end of this article. Nationwide Water Solutions inspects tanks across the UK. It also provides nationwide fire tank maintenance services and repairs. If you are worried that you are not maintaining a sprinkler tank to the correct standard, call 0345 505 2540.



Sprinkler Tank Maintenance by Fire Safety Experts

Having a sprinkler tank is a savvy investment. But this important piece of fire safety equipment needs to be looked after by sprinkler tank maintenance experts. It is vital that a sprinkler tank is independently inspected at least once a year.
A thorough check every 12 months will ensure that your sprinkler tank is in good condition. Sprinkler tank maintenance experts can identify corrosion and any other problems. The last thing you need is a leaking sprinkler tank or a sprinkler system that fails in an emergency.

About Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

There is no need to drain a sprinkler tank for an inspection, if you call in the experts. At Nationwide Water Solutions, we can carry out a thorough inspection underwater. We use waterproof camera technology. This high-tech kit lets the inspector get up close and personal to the inside of your sprinkler tank. Photographic evidence will accompany a written report. It will explain in detail the condition of your sprinkler tank.
Sprinkler tank maintenance may involve repairs or relining. Nationwide Water Solutions has an excellent track record in delivering durable solutions. Proper maintenance will significantly extend the life of your sprinkler tank. The full options can be viewed on our website.

Nationwide Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

Nationwide Water Solutions delivers outstanding sprinkler tank maintenance and refurbishment services. We operate across the UK. Our customers include private organisations as well as public bodies. We deliver excellence through a team of fully trained engineers and inspectors. With first aid, working at height and industry specific training, we are a trusted brand.
We deliver sprinkler tank services to a wide range of customers who value fire safety and our expertise.
As well as providing maintenance services, we also supply and install new sprinkler tanks. We offer free site visits. For further information about the company’s range of fire tank services, visit our website. Alternatively, call 0345 505 2540 or email info@watertankrefurbishment.com

How Much Do You Know About Sprinkler Tank Maintenance?

Sprinkler tanks play a pivotal role in fire safety. But what about sprinkler tank maintenance? In a high-risk building,  a sprinkler tank can mean the difference between life and death. If your building benefits from an automatic sprinkler system, how well is your sprinkler tank maintained?

Sprinkler tanks are often overlooked. But they require annual inspections to ensure they are fit for purpose. Leaks, corrosion and other issues can make your fire safety precautions vulnerable. That is why Nationwide Water Solutions helps building owners maintain their sprinkler tank.


Don’t overlook sprinkler tank maintenance

If a sprinkler tank isn’t maintained, your automatic sprinkler system could fail. This could be a disaster. As well as putting lives at risk, it could lead to extensive fire damage. Consider too the loss of large volumes of stock and/or personal property.

We recommend sprinkler tanks are independently inspected at least annually. This ensures that any problems are detected quickly. Where a problem is found that can be remedied, we offer a range of services to ensure your sprinkler tank is as good as new.

Where a sprinkler tank is deemed to have come to the end of its life, we can design, supply and install a new one.

Our repair services include tank relining.


Love your sprinkler tank

Look after your sprinkler tank and it will look after you.

A Nationwide Water Solutions’ spokesman said: “Taking care of vital life-saving equipment is paramount. A sprinkler tank should never be neglected, and you should not rely on in-house inspections to get the full picture of a tank’s condition. We urge building owners to ensure their sprinkler tank is independently inspected every twelve months.”

A sprinkler tank is an excellent feature of any loss prevention strategy. We recommend a sprinkler tank for large buildings, particularly public premises, industrial sites, factories, schools and high-rise apartments.


Want to now more? Visit our website for further information.

3 Things A Sprinkler Tank Inspection Will Tell You

Automatic sprinkler systems are a must have if you own a high-risk building. Think of industrial premises, warehousing, high-rise apartment blocks, hospitals, schools and care homes. But installing an automatic sprinkler system is just one part of the job. Every component needs to be maintained to ensure it is ready to fight fire in an emergency. A sprinkler tank inspection should be a priority.

Without a ready supply of water, a sprinkler system cannot supress fires. That is why sprinkler tanks must be properly maintained. A pivotal part of that maintenance is regular inspections. Sprinkler tanks should be surveyed by an independent professional at least once a year.

What will a sprinkler tank inspection tell you?


Corrosion and leaks detected

A good sprinkler tank inspection company will use underwater camera equipment to check the condition of your tank. Importantly, it will be able to record any corrosion or minor leaks. Once these defects have been detected, they can be put right. Visit Nationwide Water Solutions Limited to book an inspection.


Solutions suggested

A thorough sprinkler tank inspection should be followed up with a comprehensive written report. Photographic evidence of any problems should also be supplied. If a tank is found to be damaged or displaying signs of wear, you may not have to replace it. New liners can significantly extend the life of a sprinkler tank and come with excellent guarantees. Find out more about sprinkler tank lining here.


Beyond repair?

If your sprinkler tank is significantly damaged, it must be replaced. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited supplies and installs a wide range of sprinkler tanks. With an in-house design team, it can install tanks of any shape or size. Find out more here.

Sprinkler tanks save lives. They supress fires, giving people more time to evacuate a building. They also significantly reduce damage and loss. That is why an automatic sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank should form part of your loss prevention strategy.

Sprinkler Tank Maintenance Prevents Costly Failures

Insurance policies and lives depend on sprinkler systems working in an emergency. The fact is that a sprinkler system can fail. This is almost always due to human error. Poor sprinkler tank maintenance is often the cause of failures. This illustrates why every sprinkler tank should looked after by professionals.

More than half of sprinkler system failures happen when equipment is shut off. Experts say this is often during the construction phase of a building. But it can happen during routine inspections or maintenance work.

ROV Underwater Equipment

A qualified professional will know how to avoid such failures. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist. It says ROV underwater camera equipment is vital for all sprinkler tank survey work.

“It protects the integrity of a sprinkler system during the inspection,” said a spokesman. “There is no need to drain the sprinkler tank or shut off any part of the system.”

Damaged Sprinkler System Components

Around 17 per cent of sprinkler system failures happen as a result of manual intervention. A further 7 per cent of sprinkler system failures are the result of damaged components.

Nationwide Water Solutions says routine testing by a professional will identify sprinkler tank problems. Recommendations will always follow any survey. They will include suggestions to replacement or repair damaged components where necessary.

High priority problems must be corrected as soon as possible.

Don’t Leave Sprinkler Tank Maintenance to Chance

Do you worry about the integrity of your sprinkler system? When was the sprinkler tank last inspected? Call the experts for a full underwater survey here.

Does your sprinkler tank need repairing or relining? Find out about Nationwide Water Solution’s refurbishment options here.

Further Reading

Find out more about ROV sprinkler tank inspections and sprinkler tank maintenance here. Contact Nationwide Solutions for more in-depth information.