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Industrial Fire Safety In The Spotlight

Industrial fire safety was in the spotlight again earlier this month. Firefighters were praised for dealing with a potentially difficult fire in an industrial building in Gloucester. Four people were taken to hospital as a result of the blaze. Two fire appliances were sent to the scene one Wednesday night.

Emergency services were told a blaze had broken out in an industrial building at Hempstead at 8.29pm. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, the UK’s leading supplier of sprinkler tanks and services, said it was heartening to note that the fire had been quickly contained. All four men taken to hospital were suffering from the effects of smoke inhalation.


Concerns over industrial fire safety

A spokesman said: “In this case, the fire was quickly put out and damage was minimalised. Unfortunately, that is not always the case with fires in industrial buildings. Many lack modern firefighting equipment and others have systems that are out of date or not properly maintained.

“We would urge any business with industrial premises to contact us. We offer completely free site surveys to those thinking of investing in automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank for on-site water storage. For those who already have a sprinkler tank, we offer a full range of services – from independent ROV inspections to repairs. We also carry out routine maintenance work.”

The cause of the fire in Gloucester is still being investigated. It is thought it was contained to an extraction unit.


Talk to the sprinkler tank specialists

Sprinkler tank specialists for more than a decade, Nationwide Water Solutions has installed life-saving water storage tanks in industrial premises operated by household name. It works with businesses from a wide range of sector to deliver water storage solutions designed to protect material assets as well as people.

For further information visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

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Sprinkler Tank Specialist Warns Over Storage Areas

Buildings with storage areas need protecting with modern fire safety equipment, a sprinkler tank specialist has warned. Nationwide Water Solutions said spaces or buildings used for storage pose a risk. That is because of the the amount of cardboard and other combustible materials they contain. Losses in storage room fires can also be high, if a fire is not detected in time.

A spokesman said: “If you own a building that stores goods, you need to consider the benefits of installing a sprinkler system and a sprinkler tank. Not only will this type of equipment keep your insurers happy, it will boost loss prevention strategies and prevent the rapid spread of fire.”


Sprinkler tank specialist offers advice

Nationwide Water Solutions offers businesses and property owners free advice on water storage solutions. It travels the UK carrying out complete free site surveys which are followed up with detailed reports. A sprinkler tank is a water storage system linked to sprinklers. It holds water for the sole purpose of fighting a fire.

Fires in storage areas and shops are not uncommon. Today (November 30) a blaze was discovered in a store at a shopping centre in Lowestoft. The fire was detected at 8.15am. It necessitated breathing apparatuses and a hose reel.


Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK sprinkler tank specialist dedicated to improving the supply of water to the point of fires. It says, detecting a fire quickly and delivering the right amount of water is crucial to containment. As well as saving lives, the combined use of sprinklers and a sprinkler tank can limit fire damage.

In addition to supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, the company provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services. For further information about sprinkler tanks, sprinkler tank repairs and sprinkler tank relining, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.


sprinkler tank specialist

Sprinkler Tank Specialist Explains True Cost of Arson

The single biggest cause of fires in the UK is arson. This shocking fact is backed up by compelling statistics. Sprinkler tank specialist Nationwide Water Solutions says businesses and homeowners need to do more to combat arson. The cost of arson on commercial and residential premises in England and Wales hit £1.2 billion in 2015.

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Figures released by the Association of British Insurers shows that the average claim for a commercial fire was £25,544 in 2015 – a rise of 165.4 per cent in just over a decade. At the same time, the cost of domestic fires rose by 205.8 per cent.”


Sprinkler tank specialist outlines risks

The spokesman said official figures show that 21,961 arson attacks were reported in England and Wales during the same year. The crimes resulted in just 1,242 successful prosecutions. Forty-seven per cent of all fires attended by the emergency services were deliberately started.

“We urge businesses, landlords and homeowners to consider arson a real risk. During 2015, 47 people died after fires were started deliberately. That is a shocking figure. More needs to be done to ensure the integrity of fire-fighting equipment.”

The sprinkler tank specialist says robust fire safety measures are needed to preserve life and limit losses. It is reminding property owners about the benefits of installing sprinklers and water storage equipment. Sprinklers help to contain fires, giving occupants of a building more time to escape.


Invest in sprinklers and a sprinkler tank

Nationwide Water Solutions carries out free site survey across the UK. It assesses sites with a view to providing bespoke water storage solutions for sprinkler systems. The Rochdale-based company supplies and installs sprinkler tanks, which hold water for the specific purpose of fighting fires.

It also provides tank inspection services and a range of maintenance and repair options. For further information about the full range of services offered by Nationwide Water Solutions, visit the website.