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Warehouse Fires: How to Minimise the Damage

The weekend saw a number of businesses devastated by warehouse fires. It is important to remember the crucial role warehousing plays, not just in the supply chain but in looking after physical assets. Robust fire safety measures are needed to ensure any fire that starts in a building used for storage is quickly contained. Nationwide Water Solutions, the leading supplier of sprinkler tanks and associated services, explains more.

“A warehouse fire can impact not just stock levels but deliveries,” a spokesman said. “A fire in a warehouse at the weekend has disrupted supplies to a number of hardware stores in Devon and Dorset. It is vital to remember that goods stored in warehouses often have packaging that can intensify a fire. We recommend automatic sprinkler systems for all warehouses, and we also recommend the use of a sprinkler tank to ensure water to fight a fire is stored on-site.”

Install a sprinkler tank for your warehouse

Nationwide Water Solutions installs above and below ground sprinkler tanks in warehouses across the UK. It works with partners in both the private and public sectors to drive up fire safety in commercial and residential premises. Its work with warehouse owners is helping to keep insurance costs and claims down.

The spokesman said: “Yet again, the warehouse fire at the weekend happened ‘out of hours’, overnight when nobody was around to detect the fire straight away. A total of 15 fire appliances were required to bring the blaze under control. Like many other warehouse fires, this one spread quickly and caused considerable damage. We urge anyone with a warehouse to contact us and request a free site survey.”

About Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions is based in Yorkshire and covers the whole of the UK. In addition to installing sprinkler tanks, it provides inspection, maintenance and repair services.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Four Building Types That Need A Fire Tank

If you are a regular visitor to our blog, you will know that we focus on fire safety issues. Over the past year, fire safety equipment has been in demand. Building owners are heeding the public’s concerns over safety. In today’s blog post, we will be looking at the four building types that need a fire tank.

If you are wondering what a fire tank is, we will explain. Also known as a sprinkler tank, it stores water solely to fight fires. Water is ready to fight a blaze in an emergency. The fire tank releases water to sprinkler heads. In the case of modern automatic sprinklers, only the area affected by fire will receive the water.

Here are the top four building types that need a fire tank…


1. High-rise tower blocks

While the installation of a sprinkler system is currently not compulsory, it soon could be. Recommendations following the catastrophic fire at Grenfell Tower include sprinklers for new buildings over 18 metres. It could be that existing buildings will have to be retro-fitted with sprinklers. If you own a high-rise building, don’t wait for the law to change. Think about installing a fire tank and automatic sprinkler system now.


2. Care homes

Elderly people are among the most vulnerable in society. Care homes could one day be forced to have sprinkler systems. That is because mobility problems make it difficult for older people to evacuate a building quickly. A fire tank supplies water to sprinklers, giving care homes more time to get residents out of a burning building.


3. New schools

There is growing consensus that all new schools should be fitted with sprinkler systems and fire tanks. This is to reduce the cost of arson and accidental fires on the public purse, and to improve the safety of children.


4. Warehousing

Loss prevention measures should include a fire tank and sprinklers.

For further information about fire tanks, visit Nationwide Water Solutions Limited.

eCommerce Stock: Know the Fire Risks

The boom in online shopping means more goods than ever before are being stored in warehouses. While eCommerce has helped to drive prices down by introducing more competition to marketplaces, it comes with risks. One of them is fire. That is why more warehouse facilities are being protected with sprinkler tanks.

Warehousing can contain huge quantities of plastic. This means fires need to be detected and supressed as quickly as possible. Automatic sprinkler systems with a dedicated water supply are the best option to prevent and reduces losses. That is why more and more warehouse owners are discovering the benefits of sprinkler tanks.

Here are five things you may not know about sprinkler tanks:


  1. Sprinkler tanks are on standby to deliver water to a fire 24/7. That means premises fitted with automatic sprinklers attached to a sprinkler tank are primed to work day and night.
  2. A ready supply of water means fires are tackled the moment they are detected.
  3. Sprinkler tanks provide added peace of mind to eCommerce stock owners and insurers, as well as warehouse owners.
  4. Group A plastics will require more water if a fire occurs.
  5. Sprinkler tanks can be built into the design of a new-build or retrofitted.


Literally millions of pounds worth of damage can be caused in just one warehouse fire. That is why it pays to consider fire safety before an incident, rather than as an afterthought.


eCommerce warehousing solutions


If you want to protect your UK warehouse facilities from fire, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. This British company is the nation’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tanks and associated services. As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions provides a wide range of maintenance and repair services. It also carries out sprinkler tank inspections. Find out more by visiting the website here.