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Never Drain A Sprinkler Tank For An Inspection

About to drain a sprinkler tank? Draining a sprinkler tank for a routine inspection is something that happened almost back in the Dark Ages. Today, nobody should allow their tank to be drained – unless it is being refurbished or replaced. Here, we ask a director of Nationwide Water Solutions to explain why. The company is the UK’s leading water storage expert for automatic sprinkler systems.

“There are serious risks associated with draining a sprinkler tank,” he explains. “Those risks start with cutting off the water supply to sprinklers. What would happen if a fire broke out? Another risk is the potential impact on insurance. Having a sprinkler system out of operation for any length of time should be reported to your insurer. It could be that you have benefited from reduced premiums because of the high standard of your fire-fighting equipment.”


Don’t drain a sprinkler tank

Another consequence of draining a sprinkler tank is loss of water. Not only is this bad for the environment, you will literally be pouring money down the drain, says Nationwide Water Solutions. The spokesman explained: “Water conservation is important. Draining a sprinkler tank for no valid reason is a waste of a precious resource and replacing it will add to your costs.

“We advise businesses with a fire tank not to have it drained for inspections. Advanced technology now means it is possible to get highly accurate information about the internal condition of a tank while the water is still in-situ. We are among the companies offering underwater inspections. We are able to do this because we have invested in sophisticated ultrasound and camera technology that scans every inch of a tank from under the water. We used ROV equipment to take the imaging technology everywhere it has to go.”


Expert fire tank inspection service

Nationwide Water Solutions inspects any size of sprinkler tank, anywhere in the country. It provides detailed written reports, backed up with photographic evidence.

If your sprinkler tank hasn’t been inspected for a while, ensure you call in and expert and get the job done thoroughly. Don’t be tempted to drain the tank and inspect it yourself. It could cost you a lot more than water.

To book an inspection, contact Nationwide Water Solution.



Robust Water Storage to Protect Agricultural Machinery from Fire

Agricultural machinery is expensive to replace and plays a vital role in farming, which is why water storage is important. With farms facing ever-increasing financial pressure, investing in robust fire protection equipment for storage buildings is crucial. Being without a high-value piece of kit at harvest and other busy times could be the tipping point.

Nationwide Water Solutions says modern barns and large agricultural buildings can benefit from sprinklers. The UK’s leading supplier of sprinkler tanks says the benefits are numerous. A spokesman for the company said: “We have noted a rise this year in the number of tractors and other machinery being completely destroyed or severely damaged in fires. One of the biggest problems facing farmers, particularly those who operate on an industrial scale, is that their premises are often located in remote areas, which can take some time for the emergency services to reach. Thus, on-site water storage makes sense.”


Agricultural machinery and water storage

A sprinkler tank helps to protect agricultural machinery by ensuring water is always available for sprinklers. In fact, it keeps water separate for the sole purpose of fighting a fire. It means, no matter where you are, a fire can be tackled from the moment it is detected. With robotics and other innovations starting to penetrate the agricultural sector, protecting investments in advanced tech has never been so important. Water storage solutions can really help.

Nationwide Water Solutions says having good fire safety equipment on site can help to reduce insurance costs. Sprinklers used in agricultural buildings can contain a fire and stop it from spreading. This could give you time to evacuate livestock and save valuable machinery that can’t be quickly replaced.


Fire protection for agricultural buildings

Whether you run a dairy farm or are an arable farmer, keeping your equipment safe should be a number one priority. If you want to learn more about how modern water storage systems with a sprinkler tank can offer you greater peace of mind, visit Nationwide Water Solutions online. It is the company trusted to install water storage tanks in hospitals, warehouses and many other building types.

Water Solutions For UK Sprinkler Systems

In a week that has seen serious fires devastate business premises in the UK, now is a good time to look at water solutions for sprinkler systems. If you are refurbishing commercial or industrial premises, planning in sprinklers and a sprinkler tank is a good move. As well as keeping your insurers happy, they will help you protect your investments and people.

Yesterday, a property in Nottingham was gutted in a serious fire. The blaze broke out in a room above a food business. If you run any kind of commercial enterprise that either processes or prepares food or have neighbours in vulnerable properties, it is time to look at how you will contain a fire if one was to break out.


Water solutions from UK experts

Nationwide Water Solutions works with clients to provide robust, bespoke water storage solutions for fire-fighting equipment. Commonly used in tandem with sprinkler systems, they ensure water is always separately stored to contain a fire. Its clients include major manufacturers as well as distributors and public institutions, such as hospitals and prisons.

No matter the size of your property, or its location, Nationwide Water Solutions can help you protect it. As well as planning and installing water storage tanks, the company also offers a comprehensive list of supplementary services. You may want to contact them if you have an existing sprinkler tank that hasn’t been inspected for a while.


Sprinkler systems and water solutions

To get the most out of a sprinkler system, and to avoid issues such as low pressure, water storage is essential. With the widest range of tank materials, a bespoke design service and much more, Nationwide Water Solutions is, understandably, a leader in its field.

Find out more about is services online. It is worth noting, the companies offers completely free site surveys for those considering investing in a sprinkler tank.

Fire Safety in Film and Recording Studios

Film and recording studios hold important assets that have more than monetary value. In some cases historic artefacts as well as recordings are stored in often large complexes. Fire safety should be paramount. Artists have launched a legal challenge against one studio after a fire purportedly destroyed a large number of recordings. A lawsuit seeking £78m in damages has been filed by the estates of Tom Petty and Tupac Shakur, as well as bands and singer-songwriters.

This week, more than 75 firefighters tackled another blaze at a film studio near London. The studio is famed for spawning the Harry Potter films. While there are no reports of injuries, any damage to creative works, props and other assets could prove costly or impossible to replace. While it is not known if automatic sprinkler systems were installed in either of the two studios mentioned here, they are designed to prevent fires from spreading.

Water storage is the star of fire fighting

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialist, said: “If a studio is looking for a real A-lister, a sprinkler tank is cheaper than a celebrity and a real star when it comes to ensuring automatic sprinkler systems work properly. They store water around the clock, guaranteeing there is always water available in the right quantity, at the right time to contain a blaze. We recommend fire tanks for a wide range of building types, and recording studios are among them.”

The spokesman added: “A fire can occur at any time and knowing you have water available to fight it immediately offers real peace of mind. Many people don’t realise that firefighters can struggle to access enough water to tackle a large fire. That is why fire and rescue services have water carriers, but they are often only called in once initial crews are on the scene. Time is everything when fighting a fire. That is why it is best to have your own constant supply.”

Sprinkler tank site survey for film and recording studios

Nationwide Water Solutions carries out free site surveys for property owners contemplating the benefits of a sprinkler tank. If you are reviewing your fire safety equipment, get in touch.

Industrial Fires: Water Storage Tanks A Necessity

Industrial fires can have a devastating impact on businesses, their employees and the local economy. That is why water storage tanks are important in large-scale industrial premises. Connected to modern fire-fighting equipment, stored water can quickly contain a fire and stop it from spreading. This is important to maintain operations and minimise damage.

Nationwide Water Solutions works with businesses in the industrial sector. It supplies and installs a huge range of water tanks designed to work with automatic sprinkler systems. If your business has yet to invest in state-of-the-art fire safety equipment, now is the time. You can benefit from a completely free site survey by calling Nationwide Water Solutions on 0345 505 2540.


How water storage tanks support businesses

By containing a fire with the help of water storage tanks, industrial businesses can limit the impact on productivity. Reducing the impact of a fire to a small area means a business can maintain productivity levels. A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Industrial fires are more common than a lot of people think. Even a false alarm can hit production, meaning good fire fighting equipment is essential. Knowing that your premises benefits from an instant water supply to fight a fire around the clock offers complete peace of mind.”

Yesterday afternoon firefighters were called to reports of an industrial fire in Newport. Crews from Newport and Ryde attended Newport Quay just after 4.30pm. On this occasion, it was a false alarm and crews were stood down. Nationwide Water Solutions understands an alarm was triggered by external fumes.


Water storage tanks: installation and refurbishment

As well as installing water storage tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions also repairs and refurbishes existing ones that are showing signs of wear. It provides a nationwide underwater inspection service and has a team of fully trained engineers to carry out repair work.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions’ website or give them a call to arrange a site visit or water tank inspection.

How To Ensure There Is Enough Water To Fight A Fire

It may seem obvious, but having enough water to fight a fire is crucial to containing damage and saving lives. Yet there is no guarantee the right quantity will be available unless you consider storage options. Even professional firefighters sometimes struggle on this score. Today’s blog post will look at the causes and solutions.

One of the biggest problems affecting the delivery of water to the point of a blaze is low water pressure. Any delay can lead to more damage and less time to evacuate a burning building.


How to guarantee water supplies

Having an automatic sprinkler system and a sprinkler tank will guarantee you can fight a fire as soon as possible. This will help to slow down the spread of the flames or suppress them. As a result, occupants of a building have more time to get out. What’s more, there is likely to be less damage.

Nationwide Water Solutions is a UK sprinkler tank supplier. Based in Yorkshire, it covers the whole of the country. It also maintains and repairs existing sprinkler tanks, and carries out independent inspections. It is at the cutting edge of efforts to improve fire safety in large, multi-level and vulnerable properties.


Find out more about sprinkler tanks

Nationwide Water Solutions provides a free site inspection service. A spokesman said: “We can assess sites and provide a detailed survey. Our sprinkler tanks are made for each individual environment to ensure they provide a robust fire safety solution.”

Are you concerned about fire safety in a building you own or manage? Are you considering retro-fitting sprinklers? Find out more about sprinkler tanks from Nationwide Water Solutions. Visit the company’s website here for further information. Alternatively, give the business a call on 0345 505 2540.

Knowing that you have the tools to fight a fire will provide peace of mind.



Why Manufacturing Businesses Need a Sprinkler Tank

Large manufacturing plants need to adopt rigorous fire safety plans. Automatic sprinkler systems are a no-brainer. So too is a sprinkler tank. Fire in industrial and manufacturing premises are on the rise. What is your business doing to reduce risks and increase loss prevention measures?

As the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert, we work with partners across a range of sectors. Increasingly, our customers are coming from the manufacturing and industrial landscape. This is because they have recognised the need to ensure water is available in the right quantities to fight a fire immediately.


The sprinkler tank and loss prevention in manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses often invest huge sums of money in machinery. They also store huge stocks. A fire can disrupt a business to the point of its demise. Safeguarding premises from a catastrophic blaze is paramount to the future of a business.

A sprinkler tank delivers the right amount of water to the point of a fire. It helps to suppress the flames and stop a fire from spreading. This is paramount in a building that may not be operational around the clock or operates graveyard shifts. The vast majority of fires in industrial premises happen at night or weekends, when a building may not be fully staffed. This means a fire is likely to have taken hold before it can be properly tackled. Automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank can mean the difference between a minor and major incident.


Meet the sprinkler tank experts

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank expert. It works with manufacturing and industrial businesses to provide the gold standard in fire safety. This is a business that covers the whole of the UK. It provides free site surveys and technical advice to ensure you get your firefighting strategy exactly right.

As well as supplying and installing sprinkler tanks, Nationwide Water Solutions maintains and repairs existing equipment. Its independent sprinkler tank inspections help businesses and public bodies ensure their water storage facilities are fit for purpose.

For further information, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.

Take Your Sprinkler Plans to the Next Phase

Sprinkler plans weighing on your mind? If you represent an organisation that is considering the benefits of installing automatic sprinklers, talk to us. We are Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, and we are the UK’s leading independent supplier of sprinkler tank services. If sprinklers are totally new to you, don’t worry. You are not alone.

Sprinklers, and their benefits, are hardly out of the news these days. That is because the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy has encouraged an entire nation to re-think fire safety standards. Social housing and care providers are among those reviewing their safety measures. They are being urged to do everything they can to ensure lives are never again lost because of poor fire safety. The Government is also reviewing building control and fire safety in the wake of the devastating fire.


Sprinkler plans – the benefits


Fire chiefs in the UK support a national sprinkler week. This is because they know that automatic sprinklers have multiple benefits. Here are just a few of them:

  • Automatic sprinklers supress fires before they can spread
  • Sprinklers give people more time to evacuate a building, saving lives
  • Fire damage is limited in premises where sprinklers are fitted
  • The costs of a fire are reduced – not just to property owners but also to the public purse

Ready to move your sprinkler plans forward?


The importance of sprinkler tanks


Sprinkler tanks play a vital role in fire safety. They ensure water is ready to fight a fire whenever a sprinkler system detects one. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited carries out free site visits. It provides expert advice and supplies and installs sprinkler tanks. It works with sprinkler tanks of all shapes and sizes.

Done with talking about improving fire safety? Want to take action? Whether you want to install sprinklers in a new building or retrofit them in an existing property, talk to Nationwide Solutions Limited today. Visit our website for more information here. Alternatively, give us a call on 0345 5052540.