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Is Tech A Fire Risk You Are Overlooking?

Is Tech A Fire Risk You Are Overlooking?

Homes and businesses are full of tech that could pose a fire risk. In the week that Apple decided to recall some Macbook models, we look at the dangers you may be overlooking. In the case of the Macbook, faulty batteries in a limited number of products bought between September 2015 and February 2017 may overheat. If you own a Macbook, check now when you bought yours.

Tech left on for hours at a time can overheat – especially if not maintained. Outdated equipment, overloaded sockets and extension cables can all pose a risk. At a time when manufacturers are trying to recall everything from tumble dryers and cars to washing machines and light cabling, everyone needs to assess the risks presented by every-day tech that we all take for granted.


What you can do to reduce fire risks

If you operate a business that uses a lot of tech or houses high-value products, a sprinkler system is a must. It is also recommended for high-rise buildings, schools and a wide range of other premises where electrical items are routinely used.

A spokesman from Nationwide Water Solutions said: “The truth is, tech should be considered when fire risk assessments are undertaken. Checks should be made to ensure old equipment is replaced and that sockets are not overloaded. It is also important to check that wires are not twisted.” The spokesman, representing the UK’s leading name in sprinkler tanks, added: “Always consider investing in water storage to feed sprinklers. A sprinkler tank is ideal because it is specifically designed for this purpose.”


Tech threats and fire safety

If you want to reduce the risks of a fire, make sure you carry out risk assessments every time something changes – not just once a year. Planning to beef up your fire safety with sprinklers? If you want to add a sprinkler tank, Nationwide Water Solutions offers a free site visit. For further information about sprinkler tank installation and maintenance, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.