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The Hidden Fire Danger Landlords Should Fear

The Hidden Fire Danger Landlords Should Fear

If you are a landlord, having responsible tenants should be a top priority. But even the most robust checks can fail – leaving property owners with not just bad tenants but a huge fire risk. The hidden danger for landlords lies in the rise of cannabis factories. With criminal gangs setting up shop in residential lets, this outlawed activity is big business.

If you own a property in an unassuming street or a on a respectable estate, you are at risk. This is because crooks are favouring rented homes that blend into their surroundings. Many have sprung up in middle class areas, some only being uncovered following reports of a pungent smell and others thanks to heat-seeking technology used by the police.


Why landlords should invest in sprinklers

Growing cannabis is no easy task. It takes a huge amount of electricity to power lights. Lamps are often left switched on for twelve hours a day. They are used to mimic natural light and encourage a crop to bud quickly. Heat generated from some of these lamps can be terrific. Some images released by police forces show a row of snow-covered roofs, except for one – where heat from a cannabis factory has kept the roof warm.

Read that word again – ‘warm’. Earlier this month a major house fire in Birmingham was thought to have been caused by a cannabis-growing operation. Multiple fire crews tackled the blaze, reporting huge flames on the building’s first floor. Additional resources were required to bring the blaze under control. It was discovered the electrics had been bypassed to ensure the huge use of electric was neither detected nor charged for.


Sprinkler systems for all types of property

Sprinkler systems are suitable for a wide range of properties, including residential buildings. In fact, a sprinkler system with a sprinkler tank is likely to put crooks off a property. Having a sprinkler tank is especially important. It retains water in the right quantity to ensure a fire can be tackled effectively from the moment it is detected.

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