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Tower Block Tenants Turn Down Offer of Automatic Sprinklers

Tower Block Tenants Turn Down Offer of Automatic Sprinklers

Incredible as it may sound, following the tragedy at Grenfell Tower, some tower block residents are refusing the offer of free sprinklers. At the biggest high-rise block in South Tyneside, one tenant refused a sprinkler system and similar opposition has occurred elsewhere in the North East.

Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s best-known sprinkler tank specialist, said: “This is madness. Who would want to turn down something that could save their life? The instances in the North East show that myths about sprinkler systems are preventing vulnerable buildings from getting the protection they deserve. A lot of the concerns centre around water damage in the event of a fire. What would you rather have – wet goods, no home, or possibly no life?”

How to persuade tower block residents to accept sprinklers

In the North East, council leaders are taking a cautious approach to promoting sprinkler systems. A council spokesperson has been quoted as saying the local authority did not want to ‘come down heavy’ on tenants. Instead, he said, it was ‘trying to encourage them’. While officials have pointed out to residents that sprinklers provide an extra layer of safety, some aren’t convinced.

Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Let’s be crystal clear: automatic sprinkler systems save lives. They help contain a blaze and stop it from spreading, giving people just like those who don’t want sprinklers more time to evacuate a building. In a tower block, they are essential.”

Advanced water storage for automatic sprinkler systems

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