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The Ultimate In UK Fire Safety 2018

The Ultimate In UK Fire Safety 2018

Make sure you invest in the best fire safety. As well as protecting lives, you will achieve lower insurance premiums. You will also benefit from peace of mind, knowing your building and its contents have proper protection. Benefit from the ultimate in fire safety with a sprinkler system. Fire safety 2018 is all about loss prevention.

Sprinkler systems are highly effective. They prevent fires from spreading, giving people the chance to evacuate a building. As soon as a sprinkler system is activated it contains a fire. That means less damage and reduced losses. Commercial sprinkler systems are a no brainer for warehousing, schools, universities, healthcare facilities and high-rise buildings.


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Studies have shown that sprinkler systems usually only fail due to lack of maintenance or human error. You can ensure your sprinkler system benefits from world-class maintenance by taking advantage of the range of specialist services offered by Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. Covering the whole of the UK, this expert sprinkler tank company can keep your sprinkler system fit for purpose and ready to fight a fire.

If you are investing in a sprinkler system in 2018, make sure you insist your sprinkler tank is supplied and installed by Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. As well as providing a professional, expert service, this is a UK-based company that goes above and beyond to provide a range of services you can have confidence in.


Sprinkler tanks and fire safety 2018


Because lack of maintenance is a known risk, use Nationwide Water Solutions’ inspection, repair and replacement sprinkler tank services. Its ROV underwater inspections ensure sprinkler systems remain primed to work during tests. Following an inspection, it provides detailed reports and photographic evidence to illustrate its findings.

Find out more about Nationwide Water Solutions’ comprehensive sprinkler tank services, including new and replacement sprinkler tanks and installation, here.