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Warehouse Fires: How to Minimise the Damage

Warehouse Fires: How to Minimise the Damage

The weekend saw a number of businesses devastated by warehouse fires. It is important to remember the crucial role warehousing plays, not just in the supply chain but in looking after physical assets. Robust fire safety measures are needed to ensure any fire that starts in a building used for storage is quickly contained. Nationwide Water Solutions, the leading supplier of sprinkler tanks and associated services, explains more.

“A warehouse fire can impact not just stock levels but deliveries,” a spokesman said. “A fire in a warehouse at the weekend has disrupted supplies to a number of hardware stores in Devon and Dorset. It is vital to remember that goods stored in warehouses often have packaging that can intensify a fire. We recommend automatic sprinkler systems for all warehouses, and we also recommend the use of a sprinkler tank to ensure water to fight a fire is stored on-site.”

Install a sprinkler tank for your warehouse

Nationwide Water Solutions installs above and below ground sprinkler tanks in warehouses across the UK. It works with partners in both the private and public sectors to drive up fire safety in commercial and residential premises. Its work with warehouse owners is helping to keep insurance costs and claims down.

The spokesman said: “Yet again, the warehouse fire at the weekend happened ‘out of hours’, overnight when nobody was around to detect the fire straight away. A total of 15 fire appliances were required to bring the blaze under control. Like many other warehouse fires, this one spread quickly and caused considerable damage. We urge anyone with a warehouse to contact us and request a free site survey.”

About Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions is based in Yorkshire and covers the whole of the UK. In addition to installing sprinkler tanks, it provides inspection, maintenance and repair services.

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