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Water Conservation During Sprinkler Tank Inspections

Water Conservation During Sprinkler Tank Inspections

Sprinkler tank inspections perform an important role. They alert you to early signs of problems and open up more options to remedy them. Early inspection methods posed risks and were costly. They meant sprinkler systems were not operational during the inspection and routinely meant tanks had to be drained.

Thankfully, water conservation is at the heart of modern inspection methods. This is good news, especially when you consider some sprinkler tanks hold literally thousands and thousands of litres of water. Here at Nationwide Water Solutions, we take water conservation seriously. That is why all our inspections are carried out under water.


Sprinkler tank inspections with no water loss

We don’t use divers. We have invested in state of the art technology, including remote controlled vehicles that take our cameras to every part of a tank’s interior. Photographic evidence of the condition of a tank is important. Our customers don’t have to take our word for it – they can see it for themselves.

In addition to underwater cameras, we use ultrasound equipment to check the thickness of tank walls. It can identify weak spots that may not be visible. One of our directors points out: “Water is a crucial resource and should never be wasted. It is also expensive. That is why we only conduct sprinkler tank inspections under water. It is safer, cheaper and ensures sprinkler systems are fully operational throughout.”


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 If your sprinkler tank hasn’t had an independent inspection recently, book one now. Nationwide Water Solutions covers the entire country. All inspections conclude with a detailed written report and supplementary evidence of any problems found.

We inspect above and below ground tank, of all shapes and of all sizes.

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