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Why Water Restrictions Highlight the Benefits of Sprinkler Tanks

Why Water Restrictions Highlight the Benefits of Sprinkler Tanks

It has been the weather of dreams. With unbroken sunshine and record-breaking temperatures, this summer is a hot topic. But, as the earth bakes, lack of rainfall is causing problems. Sprinkler tanks can offer peace of mind during exceptionally dry weather. United Utilities has today announced a hosepipe ban. It will affect parts of the North West and come into force in the first week of August.

The temporary ban will impact millions of people. Its aim is to safeguard essential water supplies. While the ban will ensure water is available to fight a fire, a sprinkler tank has distinct advantages.


Heatwave fires and sprinkler tanks

During prolonged spells of hot weather, fires are more likely to occur. They can include wildfires that spread to homes or businesses. Other dangers are caused by heat or direct sunlight being applied to a combustible item. Having a sprinkler tank connected to automatic sprinklers in your building will ensure you have water on standby 24/7.

As well as offering peace of mind, sprinkler tanks are efficient. They get to work as soon as a fire is detected. In hot weather, this is essential. It will give a building’s occupants more time to evacuate a building. Sprinkler tanks also supress flames, stopping a fire from spreading.


Water restrictions and sprinkler tanks

Your sprinkler tank is not affected by water restrictions. The water is already in the tank, waiting to be used in an emergency. Reservoir levels in the North East are currently so low that United Utilities has been shifting water up north from Wales.

In Ireland a hosepipe ban was introduce over a month ago. If your area has restrictions imposed, you must follow guidelines or face a heavy fine. Water restrictions highlight the benefits of already having water stored for an emergency.

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