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Water Supply Fears Over Sprinklers in Surrey Tower Block

Water Supply Fears Over Sprinklers in Surrey Tower Block

Residents in a 17-storey tower block in Surrey are concerned water supply problems have impacted their automatic sprinklers. Sprinkler systems were allegedly out of order last month following water supply issues. The borough council says it kept residents living in Surrey Towers informed about the water issues.

According to reports, up to 100 flats in the tower block were left without running water for two days. Residents have blamed “defective pumps” and say it interrupted the sprinkler service. It is claimed that bottles of water were left on doorsteps by the council while workmen installed a tap outside the block of flats to provide residents with drinking water.


Situation clarified over sprinklers

Although residents have expressed concerns that the sprinklers may have been out of order, the council did not rush to back up their claims. A technical manager for the firm that retrofitted sprinklers in the block said they would have been affected. The council has now said low water pressure was likely to have impacted the sprinklers.

Residents are urging the council to notify them if the sprinklers are not working in the future.


Sprinkler tank expert comments

Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert. It says there are two ways to get water to sprinklers – direct from the mains supply with a booster pump or from a sprinkler tank with a pump. A sprinkler tank stores water solely to fight fires. A spokesman said: “We don’t know which method is being used in this tower block, but we always recommend a sprinkler tank for very large buildings like this.

“As well as ensuring water is always available to fight a fire, a sprinkler tank provides peace of mind – something high-rise tower block residents need. Sprinkler tanks and associated equipment should be independently checked at least annually to stop problems from occurring.”

For further information about Nationwide Water Solutions, visit the website.