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Wavin manufacturing plant saved by sprinkler system

Wavin manufacturing plant saved by sprinkler system

A plastics factory’s storage building survived a fire that could have destroyed it – thanks to a sprinkler system.

It’s business as usual at Wavin, a Chippenham-based manufacturer, following the blaze which broke out on the storage building’s first floor last month.

The 50m x 100m storage unit was fitted which a sprinkler system which was activated within moments of the fire breaking out. Fire chiefs say the system prevented the blaze from spreading before they arrived.

Crews from Chippenham and Corsham attended the fire and used two hose reel jets and four breathing apparatus to extinguish the remnants of the blaze. The incident was dealt with in just 30 minutes.

Speaking to the local press, Steve Lodge, the Watch Manager at Chippenham Fire Station, said the sprinkler system undoubtedly saved the building from more serious damage. Mr Lodge said the sprinkler system had suppressed the fire and stopped it from spreading.

He added: “It’s like a smoke detector – it detects if there is smoke or heat.”

As a result of the sprinkler system, the building was back in use the following day.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, which provides expert sprinkler tank services, says the incident highlights the important role sprinkler systems play in commercial buildings.

Michael Brightmore, managing director of Nationwide Water Solutions, said: “This building was obviously protected by a well maintained sprinkler system that was primed to work and did exactly what it was designed to do at the precise moment it was needed.

“Unfortunately, not every business is as conscientious as Wavin. We always remind those with sprinkler tanks to ensure they are inspected annually and any recommendations acted upon, so that sprinkler systems do not fail.

“There can be dire consequences if a sprinkler system does fail and that is why it is vital to ensure all sprinkler tanks are properly maintained.”

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