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Weirdest Ways Serious Fires Can Start

Weirdest Ways Serious Fires Can Start

Fires can start in the weirdest ways. As the UK’s top independent sprinkler tank specialist, we closely follow the causes of fires to identify trends. However, some are not exactly predictable. We have compiled a list of the weirdest ways serious fires can start.

We hope these examples highlight how seemingly innocent actions can lead to devastating consequences.


Fear of spiders

A man seriously damaged his parents’ home after using a blow torch to kill a spider. Needless-to-say, it wasn’t just the spider he set fire to. He was house-sitting at the time and thought he saw a black widow spider on an outside wall. His extermination method raised eyebrows with the 29 firefighters who were needed to extinguish the blaze. Firefighters were seen sawing off part of the property’s roof. Now that is one of the top weirdest ways a fire can start!


High-flying cigarette butts

You’d be amazed how many lit cigarettes are discarded in the street. You may be even more amazed to discover that birds have been known to pick them up and deposit them on rooftops. In one case, a pigeon dropped a lit cigarette down a chimney, causing a serious fire.


Loose batteries

Batteries are one of the biggest causes of house fires in the UK. Loose batteries are known to be a cause.



Yep, even wanting to look good can cause a fire. In May this year, a simple make-up mirror reflected light that caused a £1.5 million home to burn down. Firefighters warn property owners to keep mirrors away from windows and direct sunlight.


A cup of coffee

Your breakfast could be ruined if you take your coffee with a non-dairy substitute for milk. Powdered creamers are flammable – enjoy you coffee away from naked flames. That includes the toaster!


Being overly house proud

If you like to keep your loo spotlessly clean, be careful to avoid causing an explosion. A combination of bleach and acid cleaners can blast your best efforts sky-high.


Play it safe

Have the weirdest ways serious fires can start piqued your interest? Protect your public, residential, commercial or industrial building with a sprinkler tank. Integrated with an automatic sprinkler system it will be on standby for any eventuality.

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