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Wildfires and the Cost of a Sprinkler Tank

Wildfires and the Cost of a Sprinkler Tank

Wildfires are raging around the country. The heatwave has put fire safety back in focus. Residents near moors and other open areas have been evacuated as extreme weather causes a hazard. It may have prompted you to think about improving fire safety. You may own or manage a high-rise building. You may run a property occupied by the vulnerable. The cost of a sprinkler tank may have crossed your mind, if this is.

Many people planning to invest in automatic sprinkler systems wonder about the cost of a sprinkler tank. In fact, this is a very affordable element of fire safety. The exact cost of a sprinkler tank depends on its shape, size and the material it is made from. The modern sprinkler tank is made to fit its environment. That means each one is unique.


Buying a custom sprinkler tank

Working with a business that knows the sprinkler tank inside out is vital. That is why more and more businesses and public bodies are turning to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It has extensive experience in designing, installing and maintaining the sprinkler tank. Its services are in demand across the UK.

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited understands the value of customer service. That is why it offers free site visits to anyone interested in investing in a sprinkler tank. Its experts will discuss the right location for a sprinkler tank. They will then talk you through the design and installation process.


Maintaining a sprinkler tank

Does your building already benefit from a sprinkler tank? When was the last time you had it independently inspected? A fire in the current extreme heat could spread rapidly. Ensuring your fire safety equipment is in good working order is imperative. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited uses ground-breaking technology. It can inspect a sprinkler tank without the need for it to be drained.

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