Sprinkler Tanks

Sprinkler Tank Low Level Access Housing

Sprinkler Tank Low Level Man-way

Sprinkler tank low level access housings are an essential component, in relation to tank access. Our engineers cut a 600mm access into a designated lower tank panel. This access is used for gas testing and initial entry. On completion of sprinkler tank refurbishment works, our low level access housing is installed around the 600mm access. Nationwide water solutions install new low level access housings to all refurbishment projects. Low level access housings allow safe initial entry after gas testing, as well as safe access for future maintenance or cleaning.

All low level access panels are manufactured to suit the curvature of the tank panels on specific sized tanks. All access housings are galvanised to prevent future corrosion, and come complete with a handy lifting handle.

Our low level access housings can be installed to existing sprinkler storage tanks. We simply require the tanks circumference, to manufacture a bespoke housing.