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About us

About Nationwide Water Solutions Ltd

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is a leading sprinkler tank refurbishment company, using both EPDM linings and Fibregalss Repair systems.

We are committed to delivering products and services which meet and exceed regulatory requirements. Working across a broad range of sectors, we provide water storage solutions for fire-fighting sprinkler systems in public buildings, such as hospitals, schools and care homes, as well as industrial premises, commercial outlets and residential developments.

Because we understand the needs of our customers and the requirements of their insurers, we provide cost-effective, bespoke solutions that can be trusted to fight fires whenever they occur.

Whether you need a new on-site sprinkler tank or require work to re-line, refurbish, repair or inspect an existing tank, we have got the expertise to deliver high quality, guaranteed products and services that will not let you down.

Key areas of our business include:

  • Sprinkler and Fire Tank Installation
  • Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspections
  • Sprinkler Tank Repairs
  • Fire Tank Liners
  • Sprinkler Tank Refurbishment
  • Sprinkler Tank Repairs
Sprinkler and Fire Tank Installation

Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is one of the UK’s most experienced fire tank installation companies. We install a wide range of fire tanks, from large sectional tanks to one-piece GRP tanks. Our installation and design professionals are experienced in installing tanks constructed from the following materials: glass coated steel, galvanised steel, epoxy coated steel and concrete. We provide free sprinkler tank installation surveys and deliver the full range of maintenance, repair, refurbishment and inspection services.

Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspections

Fire tanks should be inspected annually by qualified engineers. Our experts help customers save time and money by using cutting edge equipment that allows inspections to take place without the need for a tank to be drained. This, of course, also means there is no down time for the sprinkler system or any water wastage. Nationwide Water Solutions Limited uses a combination of ROV camera and ultrasound equipment to perform forensic inspections of tanks. Our inspections include full, detailed written reports, along with photographic evidence of any corrosion or perforations.

Sprinkler Tank Repairs

Our repair team will keep your fire tank in good working order for years. They are experts in draining fire tanks and preparing damaged surfaces prior to carrying out repairs. We fix perforations with fibre glass and use the most advanced methods to effectively deal with corrosion. Where corrosion is severe, we use grit blasting to achieve the desired finish. Following any repair, we use an epoxy coating system to protect the fire tank from further corrosion, ensure a watertight seal and extend its life.

Fire Tank Liners

We help our customers extend the life of fire tanks and make them easier to clean with durable liners. Our sprinkler tank linings are manufactured from EPDM, which is considered a higher quality material than alternatives such as butyl rubber. Talk to a member of our team about the Flexible Polypropylene Water Tank Lining System we developed ourselves to fit water tanks of any shape or size. As well as being chemical and age resistant, our liners are custom-made and quick to install.

Sprinkler Tank Refurbishment

Where sprinkler tank refurbishment is a viable option, Nationwide Water Solutions Limited has a long record of delivering quality results in this highly skilled area. We offer two refurbishment methods – the epoxy coating system and the flexible lining system – and the one used is always dictated by the condition of the tank.

We Care

Sprinkler systems play a vital role in protecting people, property and buildings. They are relied upon to work automatically in an emergency. That is why everything we do at Nationwide Water Solutions Limited is geared to providing peace of mind so that our customers know they have got a system that will not let them down.