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Sprinkler Tank ROV Inspection

Sprinkler Tank Inspection & ROV Report

Sprinkler tanks play a critical fire-fighting role. They are constantly on stand-by, primed to deliver water in an emergency. Highly effective in the protection of assets and human life, they offer businesses, insurers and municipalities peace of mind. But, to be effective, a sprinkler tank must be properly maintained. A pivotal part of any planned maintenance programme for a tank is regular sprinkler tank inspection. This is vital to detect any issues that could cause a sprinkler tank to fail.

All sprinkler tanks should be inspected at least every 10 years.

Sprinkler Tank Inspections Without Draining

At Nationwide Water Solutions, we understand why clients may not want a tank drained for the internal sprinkler tank inspection process. That is why we provide full ROV surveys, using high-spec submersible digital camera equipment and ultrasound. Full water supply is maintained throughout the inspection, keeping sprinkler systems primed to work and insurers happy. This method also conserves water and eliminates the need for re-commissioning a sprinkler tank, reducing costs.

We are experts in using advanced technologies to survey sprinkler tanks made from the full range of materials and of all shapes and sizes, wherever they are.

Underwater Sprinkler Tank Inspections

Whether your sprinkler tank is below ground, above ground, welded or bolted, our ROV inspection engineers and technical team can carry out a thorough inspection that will detect any problems and furnish you with the information you need to ensure your tank meets all regulatory requirements and is in good condition.

When Nationwide Water Solutions inspects a sprinkler tank and its connection points, we include:

  • Full analysis of the sprinkler tank’s panels and walls
  • Careful review of any roof and its supports
  • Inlet valves, contents gauges and immersion heater elements
  • Access routes, including ladders
  • All the pipe connection points

Our Submersible Digital Camera Inspections

Our ROV inspection process is a simple, straightforward process that guarantees the integrity of the sprinkler system during the inspection. Every part of the tank is surveyed using high definition digital camera equipment, which provides photographic evidence of a tank’s overall condition as well as any issues detected during the inspection.

The Benefits of Ultrasound

We use super-sensitive ultrasound technology during sprinkler tank inspections because it can detect problems traditional inspection methods may miss. It is highly advanced and accurate, meaning it can locate a potential issue before it becomes a problem.

Ultrasound is especially useful in locating early signs of corrosion and weak spots. It gives a thorough, all-round indication of tank’s health, accurately measuring the thickness of major components such as panels and pipes.

We recommend the use of ultrasound, because of its valuable ability to help clients plan future maintenance including sprinkler tank liningssprinkler tank repair or even replacement.

Sprinkler Tank Lining – Matting Bag

A matting bag is then hung from existing fixings around the top rim of the sprinkler tank, using stainless steel eyelets. The matting bag provides a protection layer between the tanks wall / base and the EPDM tank lining. Holes are cut into the matting bag to expose the tanks connections and flanges; the removed tank panel is then reinstated. The EPDM sprinkler tank lining is then positioned on the base of the tank and the lining walls are lifted into position near the vessels roof. The linings walls are then supported using the existing fixings and stainless eyelets, which are built into the lining. When the lining has been secured into position, tank flanges and fixings are then re-installed using new seals and the lining itself as a gasket.

All equipment is then removed from the tank and filling can commence. The tank filled slowly over 24 hours and the tank is checked to ensure no leakages occur. This system generally takes around four days to install.

ROV Inspection Reports, Evidence and Recommendations

All our detailed inspection reports are accompanied by supporting evidence, including stills from ROV photography and measurements from ultrasound scans.

As well as providing meticulous written information about the condition of the sprinkler tank and all its associated elements, we clearly set out recommendations, taking care to highlight any issues that require remedial action.

Our reports provide a comprehensive basis for the planning of future maintenance regimes to ensure your sprinkler tank never lets you down.

Nationwide Water Solutions inspects galvanised or painted steel tanks, GRP and concrete tanks, as well as aluminium tanks.

We have got the technology and expertise to fulfill all your inspection and maintenance requirements.

For further information or for free advice about ROV inspection services, contact a member of our technical team.