Sprinkler Tanks

Sprinkler Tank Lining

EPDM Sprinkler Tank Linings

Our sprinkler tank linings are manufactured from EPDM, this material is of a higher quality than traditional systems such as butyl rubber.

The sprinkler tanks inlet valve is closed and tagged, followed by the isolation and electrical tagging of all pumps and power supplies. The sprinkler tank is then drained over a 24 hour to 36 hour period, depending on the size of the vessel. This avoids any drains backing up and flooding the tank area. On completion of the draining, confined space and ventilation equipment are positioned at the tanks access point, and any permits or method statements are checked and signed.

Any remaining water, sediment or silt is removed using submersible pumps and wet vacuums. The tanks internal surfaces, including the walls and base are cleaned and any rust or debris is removed. A tank panel is then removed to allow access for the sprinkler tank lining. This is usually a ground level panel, this allows for ease of access. Internal tank connections such as the overflow and outlet fittings are removed and flange surfaces cleaned. The sprinkler tank lining is manufactured in one piece, unless a sump is present which may require installing in situ.

Sprinkler Tank Lining – Matting Bag

A matting bag is then hung from existing fixings around the top rim of the sprinkler tank, using stainless steel eyelets. The matting bag provides a protection layer between the tanks wall / base and the EPDM tank lining. Holes are cut into the matting bag to expose the tanks connections and flanges; the removed tank panel is then reinstated. The EPDM sprinkler tank lining is then positioned on the base of the tank and the lining walls are lifted into position near the vessels roof. The linings walls are then supported using the existing fixings and stainless eyelets, which are built into the lining. When the lining has been secured into position, tank flanges and fixings are then re-installed using new seals and the lining itself as a gasket.

All equipment is then removed from the tank and filling can commence. The tank filled slowly over 24 hours and the tank is checked to ensure no leakages occur. This system generally takes around four days to install.

Sprinkler Tank Relining

Nationwide Water Solutions core business is the relining of existing leaking or corroded sprinkler tanks. The general lifespan of sprinkler tank lining is around 15-20 years, due to shrinkage, perishing or corroded fittings.

Sprinkler tank relining is a straight forward procedure, as the tank design is already suited to EPDM and Butyl linings, unlike the similar mastic design tanks. Relining projects generally take around 4 -5 days to complete, with smaller tanks taking around 3 days.