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Sprinkler Tank Roof Replacement

Sprinkler Tank Roof Replacement - Box Profile Sheets & Purlins

Nationwide Water Solutions carryout a wide range of associated sprinkler tank works. Due to the design of most sprinkler tanks, roof purlins can be partially submerged, leading to structural roof issues. These are often discovered during ROV surveys, and incorporated into sprinkler tank refurbishment works. We carryout complete sprinkler tank roof replacement, or if possible, replacement of existing roof purlins.

The above images are of a recent project, where the existing roof purlins had completely disintegrated. The existing tank was of a mastic sealed design, which we converted to a EPDM lining system. The lining system was installed on completion of the roof replacement works. New Z purlins were installed, followed by heavy duty box profile roof sheets. A new edging profile was installed externally to complete the project.