Sprinkler Tanks

Recent Projects

  • Courtaulds Ltd

    Sprinkler Tank Repair and Epoxy Coating

    Axion Polymers Ltd are a plastics recycling company based in Manchester. Were asked to take a look at the existing sprinkler tank, to assess whether refurbishment was a viable option. The existing sprinkler tank had split in various locations around the water line, and there were a number of perforations around the base of the tank. After careful consideration, we recommended an internal refurbishment and strengthening of the tank around the water line.

    A new low level access hatch was installed to provide safe access. A mobile scaffold was used to drill and rivet fourteen galvanised steel strips around the sprinkler tanks top panels. This procedure strengthened the tank around the waterline and improved the cosmetic look of the tank. Fibreglass matting and resin were applied to the damaged areas internally, and all other perforations were repaired. A three coat epoxy system was applied to the tank walls and some minor repairs were carried out to the tanks roofing sheets.

    The tank has now been fully refurbished and put back into service. We would like to thank Axiom Polymers for awarding us the works and we wish them all future success.

  • Axion Polymers Ltd

    Sprinkler Tank Structural Repair and Refurbishment

    Courtaulds Ltd are a clothing manufacturer based in Nottingham. We were approached by their facilities manager and were asked to carryout a survey of the existing fire tank. An ROV report had already been carried out, which highlighted the need for an internal refurbishment. The fire tanks internal condition was poor, with a large amount of rust blistering on all the submerged tank panels. We submitted a quotation for the repair of existing tank perforations and a full internal refurbishment.

    We were awarded the contract and our engineers carried out the works at the start of November. A 600mm x 600mm low level access housing and cover were installed. The internal surface of the tank panels were prepared and a number of fibreglass repairs were carried out. A three coat epoxy system was applied to the tanks internal surfaces, to prevent any further corrosion. The existing float valve was removed and refurbished in our workshop.

    The contracts duration was around seven working days, with a refill time of around twelve hours. The works were completed on schedule and the tank is now back in service. We would like to thank Courtaulds for awarding us the contract and wish them future success.

  • Norbord Ltd

    Sprinkler Tank Structural Repair and Refurbishment

    Norbord Ltd are a manufacturer of MDF sheet and wood panel products, supplying companies such as Wickes and Travis Perkins. A fire tank survey was carried out on three existing sprinkler tanks. All three tanks were leaking badly, and a number of perforation points were identified. We were asked to recommend a plan to repair all three tanks within five day shut down period.

    A quote and schedule was forwarded, based on all three tanks being simultaneously repaired. We were awarded the contract in June and works were scheduled to commence in August. Low level access hatches were installed to all three tanks and fibreglass repairs were carried out on numerous leakage areas. The tanks were cleaned, refilled and returned to service one day ahead of schedule. A full tank epoxy coating system is planned for next year to prevent further corrosion and extend the tanks lifespan.

    We would like to thank Norbord for awarding us the contract and look forward to working with them again next year.