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Sprinkler Tank Repair

Sprinkler Tank Repair Systems

Our sprinkler tank repair system involves the physical repair of existing tank perforations, followed by a corrosion resistant coating to prevent any further corrosion or leakage. The following procedure is the most frequently used repair system, however other systems are available to suit each individual requirement.
The sprinkler tanks inlet valve is closed and tagged, followed by the isolation and electrical tagging of all pumps and power supplies. The sprinkler tank is then drained over a 24-hour to 36-hour period, depending on the size of the vessel. This avoids any drains backing up and flooding the tank area.

On completion of the draining, confined space and ventilation equipment are positioned at the sprinkler tanks access point, and any permits or method statements are checked and signed. Any remaining water, sediment or silt is removed using submersible pumps and wet vacuums. A mobile scaffold is then erected within the tank to allow surface preparation to commence. The tanks internal surface is prepared using blade scrapers and brushing followed by 3600psi jetting.

Epoxy Sprinkler Tank Repair

On tank repair projects where corrosion is severe, grit blasting is incorporated to achieve a suitable finish. The epoxy coating system we use is a ” Surface Tolerant Coating “, allowing application to almost any surface. On completion of the surface preparation, any potential leak areas or leaks will be visible. Fibreglass repairs are carried out to all leaks and potential leak areas. A brush on sealing compound is then applied to the area where the tank wall meets the concrete tank base. This extends the lifespan of the original tank seal and ensures the watertight integrity.

A three coat solvent free epoxy system is then applied to the tank walls and roof supports. This prevents any further corrosion and completes the tank repair works. All equipment is then removed from the tank and a final 24-hour period is required to complete the epoxy curing process. The sprinkler tank is then refilled over a twelve-hour period and all pumps and valves reinstated.

The sprinkler tank repair system usually takes around seven days to complete and a 10-year guarantee is issued on completion. For any technical information or to book a free tank survey, please call our services department on the above number.