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What Does CHAS Accredited Mean?

What Does CHAS Accredited Mean?

Here at Nationwide Water Solutions, we are proud to have industry accreditations with organisations like CHAS. To us, it sets our work apart from unaccredited competitors. But, what does it me for you? If you are looking for a water storage solution for a fire sprinkler system, it can mean a lot. In this feature, we will explain what CHAS is and why we are proud to be a part of it.

Just so you know, we are not just accredited by this one organisation. We are also certified members of Constructionline, as well as Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) and, in addition, are accredited by the British Automatic Fire Sprinkler Association.

CHAS stands for Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme. It is all about ensuring proper health and safety, including assessments. It takes safety management to a new level. This type of certification is considered extremely helpful to those buying products or services from contractors like ourselves. Before we explain why and how it helps our customers, we must point out that to retain our accreditation we have to be assessed on an annual basis. This is to ensure we comply with the terms of certification.


How our accreditations help you

When you instruct us to install, reline, refurbish or inspect a fire sprinkler tank, you can be certain that we will comply with all health and safety regulations. Our risk assessments are carried out in relation to specific sites and always by experts. All identified risks are very carefully managed. While being CHAS certified saves us a lot of time, it is highly beneficial to our customers too. You can forge a working relationship with us knowing from the outset that we will be compliant and certified.

The fact that we are regularly assessed will give you an understanding of our continued commitment health and safety practices as well as assessments. More and more of our customers come from the industrial and municipal sectors where having this type of robust, recognised accreditation is becoming a common requirement. We are continually helped by CHAS to ensure our safety management is fit for purpose and tailored to the needs of the projects we undertake.

One of the biggest advantages of being a CHAS member is that we are encouraged to deliver a consistent approach to improving the way we identify and manage risks. This is a good thing in business, particularly for a concern like ours which can involve working on very large tank structures that store and distribute huge volumes of water. And, at the end of the day, these structures are being relied upon to save lives and property in emergency situations.

Competitors without certification are most often required to demonstrate their safety management skills through written submissions. This can include quite detailed and lengthy questionnaires. We don’t think customers going through the tendering process always have the time to sift through answers, let alone than attempt to verify them. By working with us, they can be assured that we will meet the health and safety requirements of their industry.

What risks are involved working with a fire sprinkler tank?

There are lots of risks involved when it comes to working with a fire sprinkler tank. There are obvious dangers associated with working with water. However, one of the biggest day-to-day risks we manage is working at height. Falls are the biggest cause of workplace injuries and that is why all our team members are fully trained to work at height, with the right safety equipment. They are also trained in first aid.

Ensuring all our staff have received the correct training to undertake their jobs both safely and professionally is extremely important. So often, you read stories about contractors whose standards do not meet national guidelines. Working with non-accredited firms puts your business at risk. For example, how do you know that they will safely manage your project – and if they don’t, are they insured? There are insurance implications for you, too.

What if non-compliant work causes a problem that impacts your business or others? It could invalidate your own insurance and / or leads to claims. Our focus is on the integrity of your sprinkler tank and the safe delivery of the work we undertake on it.


CHAS member and proud of it

Nationwide Water Solutions is a leading name in the supply and maintenance of water storage tanks for automatic fire-fighting systems. We deliver carefully managed projects to businesses and public bodies across the UK. This includes warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturing plants, and buildings owned or maintained by the public realm. As well as delivering bespoke solutions, we are also innovative. That is why none of our customers ever have to drain a tank for us to inspect it.

We have invested in new technology that makes it possible to assess the condition of a fire sprinkler tank under water. This has many benefits. Apart from saving water and being more convenient, it ensures no down time for automatic sprinkler systems. Insurers prefer this approach because there is no interruption.

Over the past year, we have been incredibly honoured to carry out work for a wide range of organisations. You can gain an insight on our website. We have recently put together some case studies – so prospective customers can see what we do, how and who for. If you are considering the merits of installing automatic sprinklers or have been advised that your existing fire sprinkler tank needs remedial work to extend its life, talk to us. In addition to delivering industry-leading services, we also offer free technical advice. For those looking to install a sprinkler tank, we offer a free site survey.

We hope that you find our accreditations and this article useful. We are proud to be CHAS members and hope this gives you a good understanding of our ongoing commitment to safety management at every stage of a project’s progress. Learn more on our website or contact us online or by telephone.