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The Future of Fire Safety: Legislation Will Be Key

The Future of Fire Safety: Legislation Will Be Key

With so much talk about fire safety and the need to increase standards, what does the future hold? While the Government has yet to respond to Dame Judith Hackitt’s recommendations, experts are in no doubt. They believe the time has come to force some building owners to invest in life-saving fire safety equipment that does more than just tick a few boxes.

At Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, we have followed the developments of the Hackitt review very closely. In the aftermath of the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy, it was obvious that more needed to be done to protect the vulnerable and those living in high-rise tower blocks. While the Government has made no decisions over future legislation, fire safety experts are clear.

What fire safety experts want

While fire safety experts have welcomed Dame Judith Hackitt’s recommendations, they fear only legislation will ensure measures set out in her report come to fruition. With the Government consumed with Brexit negotiations, time is not on safety’s side.

The general consensus among experts is that:

  • Flammable exterior cladding, like that fitted to Grenfell Tower, should be completely banned
  • All new buildings above 18 metres should be fitted with automatic sprinklers
  • Existing buildings that house the vulnerable, including care homes, should be fitted with automatic sprinkler systems
  • Fire doors and building maintenance need greater consideration

What the public want

The tragic loss of 72 innocent lives has left the public in no doubt. A vast majority now feel legislation is needed to force building owners to provide fire safety equipment fit for the 21st Century. As well as feeling the pain of those bereaved by the devastating fire, they do not want to see a repetition. Many people feel it is only a matter of time before more people die because of safety failings.

In the end, politicians answer to the people. Voters expect their voices to be heard and fire safety is an issue that is very unlikely to go away during the term of the current Government.


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