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Holidaymakers Evacuated After Fire Near Thorpe Park

Holidaymakers Evacuated After Fire Near Thorpe Park

Holidaymakers have been evacuated from a site in Cleethorpes following a suspected arson attack on an expanse of open land. The large blaze has engulfed land near holiday parks and other popular attractions. Packed for the summer holiday, the area is now being cleared while a huge operation gets under way to stop the fire from spreading.

Fire safety experts say property owners with buildings close to open land should consider the risks of a wildfire or arson attack when carrying out risk assessments. A spokesperson for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “Hopefully this fire near Thorpe Park can be quickly contained. After weeks of very hot weather, the land will be very dry. The risk of the fire spreading is very real and that is why the emergency services aren’t taking any chances.”


Helping people to be safely evacuated


The spokesperson said, because wild, accidental and deliberate fires can occur at any time of the day or night, those close to large open areas should consider the merits of installing automatic sprinklers. The spokesman said: “Sprinklers get to work straightaway, so if a fire was to spread to a property it would be quickly detected. Having a sprinkler tank guarantees water is available to contain the fire and give people more time to be safely evacuated.

“While the fire in Cleethopres is reported to be being treated as ‘deliberate’, many fires in the open are started by accident. People having barbecues or dropping a cigarette end may not realise that the heat can spark a devastating fire. Because this type of blaze is not uncommon, we would urge all property owners to consider the risks and invest in appropriate fire safety equipment.”


The sprinkler tank people

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