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Lessons Learned From The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

Lessons Learned From The Notre-Dame Cathedral Fire

The world could only watch as one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world burned last month. Notre-Dame Cathedral was described as ‘the epicentre of our lives’ by Parisians and President Emmanuel Macron. It succumbed to flames that almost wiped out its 850-year old history. Part of the iconic Gothic structure was undergoing remedial works at the time.

An electrical fault is currently being assessed as the possible cause of the fire. Meanwhile, the UK’s leading sprinkler tank expert says lessons can already be learned. Nationwide Water Solutions is urging those who own or manage historic sites to consider the impact of a major fire when carrying out risk assessments. A spokesman explained: “Too often, it is discovered after a devastating fire that that not enough fire safety equipment was in place to stop a fire from spreading. Modern automatic sprinkler systems and sprinkler tanks can effectively contain a fire and limit the damage.”

Don’t want your historic site to suffer the same fate as Notre-Dame Cathedral? Here are two lessons that have already been learned:


1. Invest in modern fire fighting equipment

Nationwide Water Solutions says too many building owners don’t look at the bigger picture when planning fire safety improvements. A spokesman said: “We cannot comment on the firefighting equipment installed at Notre-Dame Cathedral. What we can say is that time and time again, we hear of cases where hugely important buildings have been all-but lost because owners have failed to install sprinklers and a sprinkler tank. Some worry about water damage, but compared to the loss of a major landmark it is a small price to pay.


2. Properly maintain fire safety equipment

Nationwide Water Solutions urges owners of historic properties to check the last time they had their sprinkler tank independently inspected. It offers a nationwide inspection service and uses underwater ROV equipment to carry out checks while tanks are still full and sprinkler systems fully operational. Book an inspection here.

It will take years, possibly decades, to restore Notre-Dame Cathedral’s landmark spire and interior. Take action now to protect your historic building and preserve it for posterity. Visit Nationwide Water Solutions.