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Sprinkler Work Under Way At Luton Tower Blocks

Sprinkler Work Under Way At Luton Tower Blocks

Tower blocks in Luton are the latest to get sprinkler systems. Two high-rise buildings are receiving the additional fire safety equipment. It is part of a £4.5m round of improvements. Tower blocks set to benefit include Leabank and Penhill flats. Both are located on Luton’s Marsh Farm estate.

Residents have welcomed the investment, saying they feel “safer” and “more protected”. Work started in the summer and is expected to be completed by the end of January. Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s market leading sprinkler tank supplier, says the the project will significantly improve safety for tenants.


Mist sprinkler system

A spokesman for Nationwide Water Solutions said: “We have been following the progress of fire safety work around the country following the devastating loss of life at Grenfell. In this case, Luton Borough Council has supported investment in mist sprinkler systems.”

The improvement work also includes the installation of CCTV and security lighting.

Work started in August and should be completed by February, covering 14 floors. Abdul Kahir, is housing asset manager for the council. He told the press: “It is about making sure that people living in high-rises are given assurances they are safe. We are a forward-thinking organisation and have invested quite a lot of money over the years to improve our properties.”


Nationwide Water Solutions

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