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Sprinkler Tank Lining: What Are The Benefits?

Sprinkler Tank Lining: What Are The Benefits?

If you want to know how sprinkler tank lining can benefit your sprinkler system, this blog post will be helpful. It will outline when the lining of a sprinkler tank can be carried out, how and the best materials. A sprinkler tank is essential in many buildings with automatic sprinklers. Maintaining your tank and ensuring it is in good condition is important.

We have collected together the most commonly asked questions about sprinkler tank lining. We have done this in a bid to offer you the very best advice. All the information has been supplied by experts here at the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialist, Nationwide Water Solutions.


When is sprinkler tank lining recommended?

Put simply, sprinkler tank lining extends the life of your tank. It saves you the cost of dismantling and removing a tank as well as the expense of having a new one installed. You should only invest in sprinkler tank lining if your fire tank is showing signs of wear and on the advice of an independent inspector. Although sprinkler tanks don’t have to be inspected annually, Nationwide Water Solutions recommends they are. This is because corrosion can lead to weak spots in a tank that could eventually cause a tank to leak.


Sprinkler tank lining materials

Nationwide Water Solutions recommends sprinkler tank lining with EPDM. Recognised as a higher quality material than traditional alternatives, including butyl rubber, it is extremely robust and durable.


Will my sprinkler tank have to be drained for relining?

Yes. The tank is drained over a period of up to 36 hours and the whole lining process can take some days to complete. The full process is explained here.


Will sprinkler tank relining deal with any rust?

Yes. Nationwide Water Solutions cleans the tank’s internal surfaces, removing rust and any other debris.


If you want to extend the life of your fire tank, find out more about sprinkler tank lining. For free advice, visit Nationwide Water Solutions or call 0345 505 2540.