Sprinkler Tanks

Sprinkler Tank Maintenance by Fire Safety Experts

Sprinkler Tank Maintenance by Fire Safety Experts

Having a sprinkler tank is a savvy investment. But this important piece of fire safety equipment needs to be looked after by sprinkler tank maintenance experts. It is vital that a sprinkler tank is independently inspected at least once a year.
A thorough check every 12 months will ensure that your sprinkler tank is in good condition. Sprinkler tank maintenance experts can identify corrosion and any other problems. The last thing you need is a leaking sprinkler tank or a sprinkler system that fails in an emergency.

About Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

There is no need to drain a sprinkler tank for an inspection, if you call in the experts. At Nationwide Water Solutions, we can carry out a thorough inspection underwater. We use waterproof camera technology. This high-tech kit lets the inspector get up close and personal to the inside of your sprinkler tank. Photographic evidence will accompany a written report. It will explain in detail the condition of your sprinkler tank.
Sprinkler tank maintenance may involve repairs or relining. Nationwide Water Solutions has an excellent track record in delivering durable solutions. Proper maintenance will significantly extend the life of your sprinkler tank. The full options can be viewed on our website.

Nationwide Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

Nationwide Water Solutions delivers outstanding sprinkler tank maintenance and refurbishment services. We operate across the UK. Our customers include private organisations as well as public bodies. We deliver excellence through a team of fully trained engineers and inspectors. With first aid, working at height and industry specific training, we are a trusted brand.
We deliver sprinkler tank services to a wide range of customers who value fire safety and our expertise.
As well as providing maintenance services, we also supply and install new sprinkler tanks. We offer free site visits. For further information about the company’s range of fire tank services, visit our website. Alternatively, call 0345 505 2540 or email info@watertankrefurbishment.com