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Sprinkler Tanks and Fire Safety in Restaurants and Pubs

Sprinkler Tanks and Fire Safety in Restaurants and Pubs

Now, here’s some food for thought for restaurants… What fire safety measures have you got in place for your restaurant or pub? Because they are linked to kitchens, restaurant owners have to consider risks to the public as well as their premises. Kitchen fires pose a constant danger and having robust measures in place can stop a fire from causing major damage – and protect lives.

Every year, hundreds of fires occur in restaurants across the UK. Some go unreported, because they are quickly contained. The real danger of a fire in a restaurant is that it could spread to neighbouring properties, particularly if it is located in a mixed use building. Canteen facilities in schools, hospitals and workplaces need to pay particular attention to fire safety.


Recognise the dangers in commercial kitchens and restaurants

Cooking oil and deep fat fryers are a common cause of fires in commercial kitchens. They are among the reasons why restaurant fires feature highly in loss statistics. Other causes of kitchen fires include faulty appliances and wiring. When you consider the risks and potential losses incurred as a result of a fire, it is worth investigating how automatic sprinklers and a sprinkler tank can offer you greater protection.

Large premises should always invest in sprinklers. A sprinkler tank should be added to ensure water is available in the right quantity when a fire breaks out. This is especially important if the building is spread out over multiple levels or is considered vulnerable.


How to find out more

Talk to us. We are Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. We are the UK’s leading independent fire tank specialist. We offer free site surveys with detailed reports, and we can design, supply and install the right sprinkler tank solution for your premises.

If your restaurant or commercial kitchen already benefits from sprinklers, when was your sprinkler tank last inspected? Insurers take a dim view of those who fail to maintain fire safety equipment properly. We recommend an independent inspection is conducted at least annually. Contact us to book an appointment. There is no need to drain your tank for the inspection because we use underwater technology.

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