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Why Does My Building Need A Sprinkler Tank?

Why Does My Building Need A Sprinkler Tank?

Fire safety is in the news. And so too is the sprinkler tank. The stark reality of what fire can do has hit home following a number of major tragedies. Building owners are realising the importance of investing in good fire protection. Automatic sprinkler systems are becoming more and more commonplace. Not just in high-rise buildings, but in any type of building.

At Nationwide Water Solutions, we work with people who want to ensure enough water is available to feed sprinkler systems. Many people ask us: Why does my building need a sprinkler tank? There are lots of very good reasons why it makes sense to invest in a sprinkler tank. In today’s blog post, we are going to focus on two.


Peace of mind with a sprinkler tank

It’s true. A sprinkler tank offers building owners and residents peace of mind. That is because they know water is always available to fight a fire. And it is available in the quantities required. If you own a large building, ensuring you can get enough water to the point of a fire quickly can mean the difference between a lucky escape and disaster.

The sprinkler tank doesn’t just help to save lives. It saves money too. It helps to reduce the amount of damage caused by a fire. Many businesses invest in a sprinkler tank as part of their loss prevention strategy.


More time to evacuate

Getting the right amount of water to the heart of a fire quickly will stop it from spreading. When a fire is contained, people have more chance to safely evacuate a building. This is important if you own a building with multiple tenants or a warehouse with high value stock.

A fire tank should be used in very large premises, such as hospitals, care homes, factories and prisons.

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