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How Much Do You Know About Sprinkler Tank Maintenance?

How Much Do You Know About Sprinkler Tank Maintenance?

Sprinkler tanks play a pivotal role in fire safety. But what about sprinkler tank maintenance? In a high-risk building,  a sprinkler tank can mean the difference between life and death. If your building benefits from an automatic sprinkler system, how well is your sprinkler tank maintained?

Sprinkler tanks are often overlooked. But they require annual inspections to ensure they are fit for purpose. Leaks, corrosion and other issues can make your fire safety precautions vulnerable. That is why Nationwide Water Solutions helps building owners maintain their sprinkler tank.


Don’t overlook sprinkler tank maintenance

If a sprinkler tank isn’t maintained, your automatic sprinkler system could fail. This could be a disaster. As well as putting lives at risk, it could lead to extensive fire damage. Consider too the loss of large volumes of stock and/or personal property.

We recommend sprinkler tanks are independently inspected at least annually. This ensures that any problems are detected quickly. Where a problem is found that can be remedied, we offer a range of services to ensure your sprinkler tank is as good as new.

Where a sprinkler tank is deemed to have come to the end of its life, we can design, supply and install a new one.

Our repair services include tank relining.


Love your sprinkler tank

Look after your sprinkler tank and it will look after you.

A Nationwide Water Solutions’ spokesman said: “Taking care of vital life-saving equipment is paramount. A sprinkler tank should never be neglected, and you should not rely on in-house inspections to get the full picture of a tank’s condition. We urge building owners to ensure their sprinkler tank is independently inspected every twelve months.”

A sprinkler tank is an excellent feature of any loss prevention strategy. We recommend a sprinkler tank for large buildings, particularly public premises, industrial sites, factories, schools and high-rise apartments.


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