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Damage Concerns Over Ageing Sprinkler Tanks

Damage Concerns Over Ageing Sprinkler Tanks

As the thaw sets in and floods threaten more and more homes and businesses, people responsible for sprinkler tanks are being urged to ensure they are properly maintained. Leaks can occur in corroded tanks – especially those which have not been inspected recently. With hundreds of homeowners and organisations counting the cost of water damage caused by extreme weather, now is the perfect time to remind businesses and local authorities to check sprinkler tanks.

Mick Brightmore, of Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, said: “Sprinkler tanks rarely leak as a result of bad weather. However, they can cause problems if they are not properly maintained. That is why we are reminding those with sprinkler systems to get their fire tanks checked.”

Damaged sprinkler tanks

Mr Brightmore said, while water damage is fresh in people’s minds, it is a good idea to talk about the benefits of yearly inspections. He pointed out that damaged sprinkler tanks can immobilise an automatic sprinkler system and risk lives and property.

“It is not worth leaving a sprinkler tank to deteriorate. The cost of repairing a tank is far less than replacing one. By ensuring your tank is regularly inspected, it can be maintained to a high standard and provide peace of mind for many years. The risks involved with neglecting a sprinkler tank are simply not worth it.”

Book a sprinkler tank inspection

Give yourself peace of mind by booking a sprinkler tank inspection with Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. They carry out inspections anywhere in the UK and provide a full written report backed up with photographic evidence. What’s more, you won’t have to drain your tank for the inspection to take place because Nationwide uses underwater camera equipment.

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