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Sprinklers Used To Deter Anti Social Behaviour

Sprinklers Used To Deter Anti Social Behaviour

Businesses in Bristol are among the first in the UK to install sprinklers outside their premises. The systems are being used to keep vandals, vagrants and thieves at bay. Although extremely effective in combating anti social behaviour, business owners using the systems have come in for criticism.

A tanning salon made the national news after successfully using sprinklers to stop homeless people sleeping in its doorway. While the system does dispense water, the delivery system is intentionally slow – merely dripping water on anyone in its path.

Rough sleepers targeted by sprinklers

The Bristol Post reports the systems are being used to ward off rough sleepers. While the owner of the tanning salon said the system was effective in combating anti social behaviour associated with rough sleepers, the city’s Help Bristol’s Homeless is less than impressed. It has described it as “draconian”.

A tanning salon spokesperson said the system was not installed to deprive homeless people of a place to sleep – just deter anti-social behaviour. They pointed out all the salon’s problems stopped after the system was installed.

Michael Brightmore is CEO of Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. It supplies and installs sprinkler tanks across the UK. He said: “This use of sprinkler systems is relatively new in the UK. However, if it proves effective, it could become much more commonplace.”

He cited the use of sprinkler systems to protect public buildings and premises where high value goods are stored, or in areas that are prone to anti-social behaviour.

Nationwide Water Solutions

Nationwide Water Solutions provides sprinkler tanks for systems in commercial, industrial and high-rise buildings. It works in both the private and public sector across the UK. Nationwide Water Solutions also carries out underwater sprinkler tank inspections using ROV cameras, as well as repair and maintenance services.

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