Sprinkler Tanks

Safeguarding the Integrity of Sprinkler Tanks

Safeguarding the Integrity of Sprinkler Tanks

Because sprinkler tanks play a vital role in life preservation and loss prevention, they must be maintained. However, a leak or corrosion does not necessarily mean a tank needs replacing. In fact, Nationwide Water Solutions offers a range of repair and refurbishment options. They protect the integrity of a sprinkler system and remove the cost and hassle associated with sprinkler tank replacement.

Sprinkler tanks can only be refurbished and repaired if they are deemed suitable following an inspection. Such inspections should be carried out at least annually by a trained professional. Full written reports with photographic evidence, illustrating the condition of a tank, should be supplied following an inspection.


Sprinkler tanks: case study


Nationwide Water Solutions was asked to inspect a sprinkler tank at Manchester plastics recycling company Axion Polymers Ltd. The aim was to assess the tank’s condition and to gauge if refurbishment was an option. Upon inspection, it was found that the existing tank had split in various locations around the water line. A number of perforations were also found around the base of the tank. As a result of the inspection findings, Nationwide Water Solutions recommended an internal refurbishment and strengthening of the tank around the water line.

A company spokesman explained: “We installed a new low level access hatch to provide safe access. We then erected mobile scaffolding so our engineers could drill and rivet fourteen galvanised steel strips around the sprinkler tanks top panels. This procedure strengthened the tank around the waterline. It also improved aesthetic appeal of the tank.

“We applied fibreglass matting and resin to the damaged areas inside the sprinkler tank. All the other perforations were then repaired. One the integrity of the tank was sound, we applied a three-coat epoxy system to the tank’s walls and made some minor repairs to roofing sheets.”


Extending the life of sprinkler tanks


By monitoring wear and tear on a sprinkler tank, remedial action can be taken to significantly extend its life. To find out more about repair and refurbishment of sprinkler tanks, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.