Sprinkler Tanks

Facts About Sprinkler Tank Installation

Facts About Sprinkler Tank Installation

Sprinkler systems are an effective way to protect property, goods and people in the event of a fire. They can be automatically triggered to reduce damage and save lives, and can also keep insurance premiums down. However, fire-fighting sprinkler systems and their components are subject to stringent regulations and should, therefore, only ever be installed by trained engineers.

Sprinkler tanks, which hold water that can automatically be delivered via sprinklers in the event of fire, come in many different shapes and sizes. One-piece GRP tanks up to large sectional sprinkler tanks are available from specialist sprinkler tank installation companies who will design the right tank for each project and install it.

Choosing A Sprinkler Tank Installer

A start-to-finish approach is vital when you are considering investing in a new sprinkler tank. Using one company to design and install the tank eliminates inconsistent service and will offer increased odds of ending up with a high quality solution. Before agreeing to buy a new sprinkler tank, follow these simple steps:

  • Only use a company that specialises in sprinkler tank installation with a proven track record in delivering similar projects
  • Make sure staff have all the relevant health and safety training and are fully aware of regulations governing sprinkler systems
  • Ask for a site inspection, so that specialist companies can assess your needs and have a clear understanding of the scale and design needs of the project
  • Get detailed costings
  • Ask for a projected timescale
  • Don’t overlook sprinkler tank maintenance – ask about the availability of regular inspection and maintenance contracts

Sprinkler Tank Installation Services

When you are looking for a new sprinkler tank, you should choose a supplier and installer who offers a range of options and who can also advise on the cost implications of each one. This will ensure you get the right, cost-effective sprinkler tank for your system – and not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ alternative that may not be up to the job. A robust sprinkler tank that has been properly installed will last for years and give you peace of mind. Available options should include sprinkler tanks fabricated from:

  • Glass coated steel
  • Galvanised steel
  • Epoxy coated steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Concrete

It is vital that any sprinkler tank is BS EN 12845 compliant, has LPCB approval and has been manufactured and tested to LPS 1276 standards..

Make sure the company you choose not only employs experienced engineers, but also offers first-class customer service – so that expert, technical advice is readily available whenever you need it.

If you follow this simple guide to sprinkler tank installation, you should get the right tank for your system, at the right price and with a solid guarantee that it will last for years.