Sprinkler Tanks

Test Your Sprinkler Tank Knowledge

Test Your Sprinkler Tank Knowledge

As 2017 gives way to 2018, many people will be turning their attentions to fresh projects and new challenges. But we would like to get the New Year off to an educational, as well as fun, start – by testing your sprinkler tank knowledge. If you work for a business, public authority, care provider or in social housing, fire safety should be a top priority. To ensure you and your staff are fully aware of sprinkler tank essentials, print off this quiz and put everyone to the test.

Knowing the right information at the right time can not only save money, it can save lives. That is why insurers rely on clients with sprinkler systems to keep them properly maintained.

Are you ready to test your Sprinkler Tank Knowledge?

Here we go…


  1. How often should a sprinkler tank be inspected by a qualified professional?


  1. Should a sprinkler tank be drained for an inspection?


  1. What should accompany a written inspection report?


  1. What refurbishment method can be used to repair a damaged sprinkler tank?


  1. A sprinkler tank should be replaced when?


  1. Can sprinkler tank linings extend the life of a tank?


  1. Can you name the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist?


  1. What should you do if you suspect a sprinkler tank has a leak?


  1. Can sprinkler tanks be designed and made to fit a specific space?


  1. Whose company blog did you find this quiz on?


This quiz was brought to you by Nationwide Water Solutions Limited, the UK’s leading independent sprinkler tank specialist. Offering a full range of sprinkler tank services, Nationwide Water Solutions should be your first port of call for quality full ROV underwater tank inspections, repairs, relining and replacement. For further information about the company and its specialist services, which are all delivered by fully trained professionals, click here.