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How To Find The Best UK Sprinkler Tank Supplier

How To Find The Best UK Sprinkler Tank Supplier

If you are one of the many organisations planning to install a sprinkler system this year, have you considered who will supply and install a sprinkler tank? You can find the best UK sprinkler tank supplier from a variety of sources. Have you checked out Nationwide Water Solutions Limited? As its name suggests, this established sprinkler tank specialist provides a service that covers the whole of the country.

Those who should be looking to review fire suppression equipment in 2018 include:

  • Social housing providers
  • Commercial enterprises who have warehousing
  • Health and care providers
  • Education facilities
  • Owners of properties that store high-value goods
  • Museums, art galleries and antique centres

Finding a sprinkler tank supplier matters

Having a ready supply of water is important if a fire breaks out. A sprinkler tank ensures water is there, on standby, and primed to be pumped to a particular part of a building when sensors in sprinklers detect heat. This instant delivery of a fire suppressant can stop a blaze before it spreads. A sprinkler tank saves lives and reduces costs associated with damage.

Fire brigades are increasingly highlighting cases where sprinklers could have stopped a serious incident before it escalated. Therefore, it pays to stay on top of fire safety advice. There are particular buildings that are now recommended to have sprinkler systems installed.

Does your building need a sprinkler system?

If you own a high-rise building, you need a sprinkler system – especially if the property is used for housing or accommodates a large number of workers. Big retail and commercial premises should also invest in sprinklers. And those who own or manage health or care facilities should take care to ensure systems are in place that give the elderly or frail a chance to escape a fire.

If you are worried that your current fire safety measures could be out of date, get a professional to carry out an expert review. There is nothing better than knowing you have taken all the right precautions. Peace of mind is worth more than money in hindsight.


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