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Supermarket Warehousing and Fire Safety

Supermarket Warehousing and Fire Safety

Fire safety is a key consideration for supermarket warehousing. That is why major distribution centres in the UK invest in modern sprinkler systems. Accidents can and do happen. Distribution centres store huge quantities of food, chemicals and other items. That is why they are on the front line of loss prevention.

Sprinkler systems keep insurers happy. They also help avoid unforeseen problems. Some companies hit by warehouse fires have later seen shares take a dip.

Sprinkler Tanks for Distribution Centre

Lidl, for example, takes a proactive approach to fire safety in supermarket warehousing. It was last week a step closer to developing a major new warehouse and link road in Ireland. The plan includes two sprinkler tanks, a pump house and an electricity substation.

If the scheme goes ahead, a sprinkler system is part of the plan. It will protect a gross floor area of 57,611sqm. The space comprises warehousing and a two-storey office wing.

Loss Prevention for Supermarket Warehousing

A fire can have a devastating impact on a business. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading sprinkler tank specialist. It says: “We always tell businesses to take a proactive approach to fire safety. It should be a top to bottom process, with everyone in an organisation aware of the dangers of fire.

“We tell businesses to seek advice, especially if a building is to undergo alterations. A fire safety review should be undertaken at least once a year.

“Regular inspection of sprinkler tanks is paramount. So too is maintenance. Poor management of a sprinkler system can see it fail in an emergency.”

Warehouse Sprinkler Tank Maintenance

Warehouse fire prevention should be a top priority. Sprinkler systems for supermarket chains significantly reduce risks and losses. Distribution and order fulfillment centres contain millions of pounds worth of goods. They also employ tens of thousands of workers in the UK. The cost of a fire at a single one could easily run into eight figures.

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