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Top Reasons To Refurbish A Sprinkler Tank

Top Reasons To Refurbish A Sprinkler Tank

Want to refurbish a sprinkler tank? Not sure of the benefits? If your tank has been assessed as suitable by an independent inspector, you could save thousands. In this blog post, we speak to Nationwide Water Solutions, the UK’s fire tank repair and refurbishment specialist, and ask: why is it worth refurbishing a sprinkler tank?

“Not every building owner knows that sprinkler tanks can be refurbished,” said a spokesman. “Yet, it is the single most cost-effective way to extend the life of a water storage system for automatic sprinklers. We offer free advice to anyone considering the merits of repair work.”


Refurbish a sprinkler tank and save time and money

As well as being cost-effective, repairing a corroded or leaking sprinkler tank is a time-saving move. Nationwide Water Solutions says: “Dismantling an existing tank and replacing it is time-consuming and often expensive. If you have a storage tank that can be repaired, your sprinkler system will only be impacted for a matter of days. This is really important if your fire safety system relies on sprinklers to look after a vulnerable building or one that stores high-value goods.

“We work on a wide range of sprinkler tanks. Our full repair and refurbishment services can be viewed here. We recommend anybody thinking of having an old tank repaired gets expert advice. Be aware that putting off a decision can mean you leave it too late.”


Extending the life of a sprinkler tank

Experts who refurbish a sprinkler tank will ensure that your water storage facilities are fit to last for many more years. As well as repairing any leaks, which can prove expensive through water loss, a good repair job will ensure valves, the access area and any weak spots in the structure are sorted.

Want to learn more? For detailed information about sprinkler tank refurbishment and the processes involved, visit Nationwide Water Solutions.