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Firefighters Demonstrate Effectiveness of Sprinklers

Firefighters Demonstrate Effectiveness of Sprinklers

At a time when house builders are considering the benefits of installing sprinklers in new-builds, here is some interesting news… Firefighters have demonstrated how effective automatic sprinklers are at supressing fires. Using a mock-up of two living rooms, the demonstration featured a room without fire protection and a room fitted with sprinklers. The results were clear.

After deliberately setting the rooms on fire, witnesses watched and waited. They didn’t have to wait long to see the room without sprinklers go up in flames. In fact, it was completely engulfed in just five minutes. When you consider how long it could take the fire and rescue service to reach the scene of a blaze, it was a scary sight. In contrast, the room fitted with sprinklers just a few small flames were visible.


Sprinklers put to the test

This test was carried out in the US. It demonstrated how sprinklers only go off in the area affected by fire, meaning no water damage to unaffected areas.  In the UK, the latest Government statistics for fire brigade response times mean a building can be severely damaged before help arrives.

In England the average response time to primary fires last year was eight minutes and 44 seconds.  Overall, response times to fires have increased gradually over the past 20 years. However, between 2015/16 and 2016/17, response times to nearly all types of fires either decreased or remained the same.

The average response time to secondary fires in 2016/17 (which can broadly be thought of as smaller outdoor fires, not involving people or property) decreased by 5 seconds to 9 minutes 8 seconds.


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