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Importance of GRP Fire Suppression Tanks for Businesses

Importance of GRP Fire Suppression Tanks for Businesses

Austerity, uncertainties over Brexit and low confidence have all hit UK businesses. A fire could be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. In fact, more than 80 per cent of businesses affected by a fire go on to fail. That is why we are highlighting the importance of GRP fire suppression tanks for businesses.

Financial strains on businesses of all sizes means their eye has been taken off loss prevention. But strategies to protect physical assets should be increased, not decreased, during difficult trading periods. This is because the risks associated with the loss of property and goods – not to mention the potential loss of life – will have a greater impact on an already struggling business.


GRP fire suppression tanks explained

GRP fire suppression tanks, or sprinkler tanks, ensure water is always available to fight a fire. They prevent the spread of fire by containing it. Many people who benefit from a fire suppression tank liken it to having their own firefighter on duty 24/7.

Automatic sprinkler systems are considered the gold standard in fire safety equipment. If you own a warehouse, factory, apartment block or shopping centre, you need sprinklers. They will protect your financial investment as well as giving you – and others – peace of mind. We recommend a fire suppression tank if you own a building that is not staffed around the clock. A fire left undetected will spread and cause devastating damage.


Nationwide Water Solutions

A GRP fire suppression tank gets to work immediately. The moment a fire is detected, and sprinklers are activated, it pumps water to the point of a fire. Nationwide Water Solutions is the UK’s leading independent fire suppression tank expert. It supplies and installers sprinkler tanks – and offers a wide range of complementary services.

Operating across the country, it is driving up standards and reducing risks to businesses. If you are worried that austerity has forced you to overlook fire safety essentials, talk to Nationwide Water Solutions Limited. If your business premises already has a sprinkler tanks, it can inspect it and ensure you are aware of its condition.

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