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Corrosion and Your Sprinkler Tank

Corrosion and Your Sprinkler Tank

Have you invested in a sprinkler system and sprinkler tank? Did you know, it is important to stay on top of maintenance? A good sprinkler tank should last for many years. With annual independent inspections, any minor remedial work can be undertaken to extend the life of a tank. However, corrosion should never be ignored.

If a sprinkler tank becomes badly corroded, it is likely to leak. Apart from compromising your sprinkler system, leaking water is bad for the environment and could cause costly damage. In today’s blog post, we are going to be examining the topic of corrosion and sprinkler tanks. We hope it helps you understand the importance of proper maintenance.


What is corrosion?

Corrosion doesn’t normally occur overnight in a sprinkler tank. It is a natural process which may happen over a good many years. It is the result of metal being gradually eroded by water, chemicals and/or air. One of the biggest indicators of corrosion is rust. This is caused by the formation of iron oxides.

The difficulty with a sprinkler tank is that the corrosion is likely to be where a visual inspection can’t see it. For example, it could be below the water line inside the tank. It is for this reason that regular, professional inspections are vital.


How to detect corrosion

It is never a good idea to drain a sprinkler tank to visually inspect it. This will interrupt your fire safety measures and seriously compromise your sprinkler system. Instead, you should call in the experts. Nationwide Water Solutions carries out underwater inspections. This process doesn’t involve divers or anything dramatic. The specialist firm uses underwater cameras.

The benefits of an underwater sprinkler tank inspection are two-fold. One, they determine the actual condition of a tank. Two, they provide photographic evidence of any corrosion – so you are not left in any doubt. It also keeps your fire safety system fully operational and saves water.


Sprinkler tank repair

If your sprinkler tank is found to have corrosion, the inspection report will make qualified recommendations. In some cases, a sprinkler tank can be relined or repaired. In others, it may need to be replaced. Nationwide Water Solutions carries out sprinkler tank repairs across the UK.

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